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Thursday 05th, February 2009
Matt Darey 2009 Interview

: Matt Darey, well known for his successful productions, remixes, and nocturnal radio show, will be releasing a new album soon. We caught with him before his New York City gig.

[b]Trance.nu: You were most recently here in NYC playing at Webster Hall alongside Paul van Dyk. How was that experience for you?

Matt Darey It was an awesome way to debut in NYC, Paul did the trance thing and I changed it up with some pushing it more in the electro direction....loved every minute and really looking forward to round 2 @ Cielo !!

Tell us about your new Urban Astronauts project and pending album.

I listen to a lotta dance music but I also love rock & indie alternative stuff, in fact I started off in music singing in a rock band. Urban astronauts a mix the real band sound mixed with EDM and very song based but Its kind of hard to describe accurately cause I donít think it really fits snugly into any genre out there. I would suggest you go check it out for yourself


How do you feel trance has changed from your early productions to now?

Dance music in general has progressed and diversified each year since I started out in the early 90ís. Thereís always one genre thatís pushing the boundaries more than most and I tend to go with that in my sets whether that be trance, electro, progressive house or whatever. Trance has always been close to my heart since it was conceived and thereís always been a new kid on the block pushing forward the sound before it gets boring. I love how trance has fused other genres into its sound.

Who are some of the dj's/producers to look out for in the new year?

There's so many new talented people it would be impossible to single them out, Iím always discovering new music and each week I discover a new producer. If you wanna hear where my head is at musically in terms of the producers I rate right now just tune into the nocturnal show at mattdarey.com

What advice would you give an aspiring DJ/producer?

Theres so many ways to get out there. Musically you can either do something totally original which can be a bit risky if your looking to be successful with it, or copy & adapt what other people are doing and make it your own which is a much safer bet for you to succeed. I guess you pick your route and then stick with it and try do it better than anyone else.

Your Nocturnal radio show has experienced exponential growth. What is the selection process for tracks that are featured on the Nocturnal show?

Each week we get hundreds of new records. There are a couple of people who help me source new music from all genres of dance. My shows producer knows my taste intimately , what Iím likely to choose and he presents me with 50 or so new releases each week. Also we have an music promo manager who gathers all the 100ís of promos that labels & producers send us each week and ultimately gets that down to 50-60 once heís taken out any that are highly unlikely to be what I will play. After that its down to me to listen to about 100 tracks each week which takes the best part of a day. I listen to them all, get it down to 50, then listen to those 50 again, ......by the end of the day I got about 15 tracks I really like and then I mix em up the best I can.

Describe the sound and mission behind your label Darey Products.

My label has kind of been on the back burner while I made the Urban Astronauts album. I set up the label really to put out whatever I produce and thatís changed from trance to rocktronica right now, next plan for me and the label is to make EDM again, but Im really not sure what direction thatís gonna take till I get back in the studio.
What are some of the upcoming releases for the label. My label will be promoing remixes of tracks from the Urban Astronauts album. The album will be first released by Koch records who are USAís biggest indie. Releasing Dance music is relatively simple compared to promoting a band and getting them on tour. Koch were the best choice for the Urban Astronauts cause they have the experience required. The next DP releases will be the forthcoming EDM projects that Iíll be producing for the summer.

What are your plans for the rest of 2009?

Taking the Nocturnal party to the four corners of the globe and back again. Iím really loving DJing right now....Im totally hooked on it cause I finally feel free to play whatever I feel is good regardless of genre and people who listen to nocturnal are goin with it cause Im always changing things up.
You've had some of the biggest hits of the last millennium.

What is your one standout track that will never ever leave your record box?

I actually have a spring clean every few months and chuck out all the old stuff, Iíll generally only start playing an old record if it has a new remix regardless of whether its mine or another producers track.

Thanks to Matt Darey for the interview, and Betty Kang of Plexi PR in New York City
Made Event presents one of the pioneers of todayís dance scene, Matt Darey in New York City at Cielo on Friday, February 13th , 2009.


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