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Tuesday 06th, October 2009
Daniel Wanrooy interview

: The new In Trance We Trust mixalbum is mixed by none other than Daniel Wanrooy. This Dutchman has won the hearts of many trancelovers worldwide with his specific sound. Ofcourse this was a great opportunity to get to his studio in Dordrecht to talk about this.

After we entered the nicely isolated studio at the topfloor of his house, we open some can of beers, check out some music and demo's he made and have some good laughs. After taking a bizarre picture (follow www.twitter.com/trancenu to take a look) we get started.

Hi Daniel, letís start right away. The main reason we are here is that you just mixed the new In Trance We Trust CD. What does it mean for you that you have been chosen to mix the new ITWT?
Daniel: Itís amazing that theyíve chosen me to mix this compilation. Iím really happy about it.

So thatís the way it works? You get asked to mix an ITWT cd?
Daniel: I mentioned a few years ago that I would love to mix an episode, and they didnít forget that. It feels really special, because not many people can say they mixed an edition of ITWT. It feels like a big honour for me, because they pick people that deserve the chance, I think.

We have now arrived at edition nr 14. How do you prepare for mixing such a cd, with such a history of ITWT cdís already released. How do you try to make it something special?
I have a lot of the ITWT cdís in my collection (Iím a big collector), but I have not listened to them before the mixing. I really wanted to make it something personal. I instantly had the thought to make an intro for the cd. And I also wanted to do a vocal track. I combined this and made a vocal intro track for the mix.

How did you meet up with Melissa Mathes, the vocalist?
She made a tune with Cor Fijneman, and I was instantly in love with her voice. Sheís a pretty unknown name in the trancescene. Usually you hear a lot of the same vocalists in the trancescene, which is not bad. But I fell in love with her voice and contacted her with the idea of making an introtrack. I mailed her the intro and some beats and mailed that to her and then she started working on it. The result is the first track on the album.

And we see you made some more tunes for on the album. Can you tell us something about them?
One I did with an old friend from the past, Renť Havelaar. We were experimenting with music back in the days. But we recently started working on some tracks again and Bittersweet is a result from this. And I also made Showtime, a bit of a tougher record for the last part of the mix. So two collabs and one solo track.

Is this the first mixalbum you ever did?
Yes, this is my first official mixalbum indeed. I make loads of mixes (they swarm around the internet).

But you have DJ-ing pretty much around the world, played on a lot of continents..

Yes, I only have to go to Australia and South-America, then I have played at every continent.

Do you see any differences in crowds worldwide?
Well usually theyíre all very happy and in a good party mood. Especially in Lebanon they were totally crazy. Also in South Africa I played in a small club and everybody went crazy.

And travelling inspires you to make new tunes?
Yes, my latest track is named after the capital of South Africa called Pretoria. Itís signed on Black Hole.

It was a massive tune, loved that melody, a real party record (Daniel Wanrooy refused to serve me another beer before writing this up)
Any more tunes coming up in the next months?

Yeah a lot is coming up. B52 together with Renť Havelaar (you can find it in my Myspace player) is coming out in November on Spinniní Records, itís already featured on Sied van Rielís CD compilation. Besides this I signed some other tunes on Black Hole and Magik Muzik, which come after the CD. For all the tunes just check my Myspace player regularly.

Is that your prime channel of communicating with the people that listen to your music?
Yeah mostly Myspace and Facebook. I try to respond to every message and I really like it when people contact me to talk about my music or have any questions. Itís really great to be so near to the people that love your music. Itís very new, because in the earlier days, there was no internet. What could a fan do? Write a letter? He probably didnít even know where to send it. Everything is easier now, thatís really cool. I also leave messages to people that make a good record.

Your sound is pretty different from a lot of other producers out there, in my opinion. You seem to make danceable tracks, but sometimes with a pretty experimental touch. Really original. How do you start producing? Do you have a focus to make a special sound before starting?
Itís pretty funny, because when I want to make something soft I tend to end with some fiercer tracks and vice versa. I donít know why it goes this way. You start making the track and experiment with sounds and think: ďwow this sounds pretty coolĒ. One track is melted from like ten versions before. Untill everything is 100% perfect for me. Also with remixes I want it to be 100% perfect. So sometimes you start to remix, but canít find the right sound. I tend to leave it for a while and try again later and often I can find the right sound.

If you look back, what do you consider your breakthrough record?
Thatís difficult, when I listen back to old records, I tend to find that I have grown further in the meantime. Itís a sort of evolution for your sound. My records now sound better every time and thatís what I consider the standard for the moment. But the four tracks we had on the In Search of Sunrise cdís were very special. On ISOS 4 we were featured twice. We were called twice by two labels on one day that we were on ISOS 4. Bizarre.

What are your future dreams? We were talking about evolution of your sound. Where do you want to grow to? Full-time DJ and producer?
Yeah that would be amazing. I now still work three days a week, but the heart lies at music. On the other hand, thereís no pressure for me now. I have a steady salary. Of course I want to DJ fulltime, but thereís no stress if thereís a month with less gigs. But thereís a lot of requests right now, so things are looking bright.

Any nice gigs coming up?
I will be at the Amsterdam Dance Event, some gigs for Sony Ericsson (business partyís) and promoting my cdís during those partyís. Three days in a row and afterwards I go to ADE. In the end of October I will visit Russia (St Petersburg). In November I will go to Dubai.

Whatís that with Dubai and Lebanon?
I donít know, there are real party people. One time I had to spin and all those people were going crazy till the very last minute. The next day I was totally broken, but that night Sasha & Digweed had to play. We were totally tired, but I saw the very same people dancing and partying like the night before never happened. Incredible!

Letís talk about DJ worshipping. Do you have any experience with that?
Not really that I can think of. There are always some people of course. I am pretty down to earth, so I think approach me that way as well. If a DJ behaves like God, then I think people will approach you differently.

Are you thinking about making a new album?
Yeah that would be cool, but the coming weeks I will focus on the ITWT cd and some other tracks and remixes are coming up this year, so till December everything is filled up.

But there is no Daniel Wanrooy solo album released yet. There has been a Progression album..
Yeah indeed, maybe next year would be an option for that. I would love to do that, if I get the chance.

You have been listening to dancemusic from a very early age. We just have been listening some older tracks.
Yeah when I was very young in 1992, some guy from a local fastfood shop sold illegal tapes with trancemusic. My brother had bought such a tape. It was around the same time when gabber/hardcore music was huge in The Netherlands. I loved it so much, it was much more beautiful than hardcore music for me. But it was very hard to find, I didnít know where to find it and normal recordstores didnít sell it yet. One of the first singles I bought was Felix Ė Donít You Want Me, with the cool synthesizers.

I used to remember we copied tapes and we really had to wait ninety minutes next to the tapedeck before the tape was copied.

So nowadays you listen mostly trance?
Well I listen to a broad range of music. Radiohead and Royksopp are beautiful. I listen to a lot of music (old pop), I also get a lot of demoís and promoís that I listen too. I get too many of those happy.

Do you think itís a pity that so much music is coming out? And is it difficult to find the good music for you?

Well itís really a shame that music has lost a lot of itís value. Thereís nothing you can touch anymore, because itís all MP3. When you bought a CD some years ago you were shaking of excitement, you stalked the recordstore and when you finally caught the album you raced home on your bike to listen to it and read the booklet. I have bought for thousands of euroís of music and nowadays it almost has no value anymore. Itís a file on your PC and you click three times and then itís the next one.

So back to vinyl promoís?
Hehe, well I really liked that time.

But I really want to talk to you about the demo you just let me hear. I was very impressed of hearing that track. Itís really deep and mystical. You like to experiment with it, but you donít really know what to do with it. Whatís the story behind it?
I make a lot of music just for myself. Itís the best thing in the world to do! I really love deep and experimental music. I have a lot of these tracks, ideas or short tracks, but I just make it for myself, because I need to make music. Maybe I could sign it somewhere.

Well I was really amazed by it, maybe you could put it on a future album?

Certainly, I would really put this kind of stuff on an album. I would make my solo album more diverse than the Progression album. It was full of tracks from 128 to 135 bpm. On my own album I would experiment more.

What is your dream as a producer and DJ?
I just had a dream come true: mixing the ITWT cd. A solo album is of course a dream. I would also like to remix an artist like Justin Timberlake or another big popartist. That would be great.

And you also mentioned gamemusic before the interview. Are you a gamer?
Yeah I love gaming, I play a lot of FIFA together with a friend, also online. We can play for 6 hours straight easily wink

So all readers of this interview: You can play FIFA online against Daniel Wanrooy, if you dare happy
Yeah sure, try me. But I warn you, you might get disappointed! happy

And if you win, you get a free album
Hahahha, yeah I was just thinking about it. I just bought FIFA 10. Anyway, I love gamemusic, also what Junkie XL has done for games is amazing. That sounds great. Itís hard, but you never know.

You have to play a set, which three records would you certainly play?
Depends of course when and where, but if I have to choose 3 tracksÖ? I really love William Orbit Ė Adagio For Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix), I like The Fall (Richard Durand Remix) for example and of course some tunes by myself. Itís always cool to try some new tunes that you just made in the studio. For example when I played my tune Damage for the first time, it blew the roof.

Thank you Daniel, for this wonderfull interview. In Trance We Trust 14 will be released next week. Just keep an eye out at www.blackholerecordings.com and www.danielwanrooy.com

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