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Wednesday 11th, December 2002

Matti Laamanen is the 23 years old Finnish trance artist and producer better known as Cosmicman. He is an example of a Internet music phenomen, his track I Love You toured the world around file sharing programs before getting an official release on vinyl. "The inspiration to create music can come from almost anywhere. You need a certain emotional state. It can come from driving around in a car, walking, a sunset, people, nature Ė almost anywhere. Usually I start with a beat and play different tunes from a keyboard. When the pieces start to come together, I choose different sequences and sounds on top of them..." (Matti Laamanen) Trance.nu caught up with Matti to have a brief talk about what he is doing now and what he is up to in the near future.

Will Krystal Dreams come out on 12''?
If it depends on me, tomorrow. Heh! I donít know about itís future yet.

Was 'I Love You' about anyone in particular?
The original version is not but Ďoriginal mixí aka Ďdepression remixí is devoted to one person wink

Do you have any new releases in the pipeline?
I think Sundawner Ė Flakes is going to be next, but Iím not sure yet. Anyway Iím working on new material every now and then.

What projects can we expect from you in the future? Do you plan to collaborate with another artist/DJ?
I have a new project called Sundawner. Itís going to be less uplifting material than CosmicMan. Weíve talked about collaboration with my producer friend but thatís something I cannot reveal yet, sorry happy

Who would you like to remix and why?
Maybe someone of the greatest trance producers. I recently remixed Lange and it was really interesting and challenging, overall a very exciting project. I like challenges and remixing great producers is a great challenge.

If you would have to describe your music in only 5 words, what words would that be?
Maybe rolling, kicking, emotional, warm sounding.

From where the alias Cosmicman?
Iíve made music previously with ĎCosmoí alias, but I noticed itís used already so I decided to add Ďmaní to the nick happy

Jean Michel Jarre was your inspiration when you started producing in the beginning, who is that now?
I liked (and still like) Ferry Corstenís productions very much in 1999-2000. Then I started to produce uplifting trance. So if someone must be picked then it must be Ferry happy

What kinds of music do you like? Only dance music?
I like good music. No matter what style it is if it rocks

Are there any plans for a personal web site?
I havenít planned it yet. Maybe in the future.

What age did u begin producing and with what gear?
I made my very first tune when I was 11 years old. It was made with ScreamTracker 2.0 software (PC). I think it sounds horrible...heh!

What kind of equipment did you use to create "I Love You" & "Krystal Dreams" (hardware & software)?
I used various software. Sounds of both tunes are mostly from Reason 1.0 and FruityLoops 3. Some of them are from Ensoniq ASR-10.

What kind of equipment do you use right now?
I still use many software synths. Right now I use very much Roland JP-8000 and Ensoniq ASR-10 too. And that doesnít mean using purely software wasnítí good. It always depends on the producer and his/her talents, not the used equipment.

Are you DJing?
Iíve played only in events in Finland. Iím doing it just for fun.

What do you think about DJs using mp3ís to mix with programs like Final Scratch? Do you think they should stay with vinyls only?
In events DJs should play only with vinyls or/and CDs. I donít know the Final Scratch program, but fully software mixed CDs donít have that Ďliveí feeling. DJing is a live act and mixing should be heard live on the dance floor.

Which old time classic would you like to remix and why?
I donít know. Old classics have their old sound and I donít know how to fit the original idea to the new sound happy Maybe a remix of an old tune doesnít have that original idea anymore.

What was your very first trance CD/12'' you bought?
If I remember correctly, my first trance CD was Harthouse - Global Virus compilation in 1994 or 1995. First 12Ē was Cherry Moon Trax Ė The House Of House, but that is more rave than trance happy

Any plans about releasing a compilation CD?
No plans.

Some favorite tracks at the moment and all time favorites?
Few recent and not so old tunes I like very much: Rollerball Ė Albinoni (Super-8 remix), Aalto Ė Rush (Orkidea vs. Super-8 remix), Lange Ė Donít Think It (Feel It), System F Ė Solstice, Exposure Ė Magic Impuls, Warrior Ė If You Want Me. My all time favorites list is very long so I donít have time to list them all here.

Favorite DJ and favorite producer?
I cannot name just one favorite. Ferry Corsten and Paul van Dyk are some of my favorite DJs. They create great tunes and they have so much energy, so much my style. Some of my favorite producers at the moment: M.I.K.E., Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Miika Eloranta (Super-cool, Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Marco V and L-Vee to mention but a few.

What kind of music you listen to at home, only trance?
Mostly trance, also harder techno. Sometimes other kind of music too.

What tip would you give to a beginning producer trying to
differentiate from the rest?

Be yourself, because everyone has his own unique sound.

What do you do in your spare time?
I spend time with my friends.

What do you think of mp3's? Do you download music through the Internet?
I think mp3s are great for promotion. Itís easy and a fast way to get feedback of your productions and an easy way to hear new tunes before buying them.

Do you think peer-to-peer software harms the music industry?
Partially yes. Some of p2p software users just download mp3s and will never buy the original when it comes available. That is harmful, especially for small labels like ours.

Electronic music is often portrayed as ďdrug-musicĒ by the media. What are your thoughts on this?
I donít understand it. Some clubbers use drugs sure, but the situation is the same when you go out to any rock festival. I think articles of club events sell better when told about clubbers using drugs there. I donít like that because it has a negative effect towards club events.

If you werenít a producer now, what would you be doing?
Studying or working. Iím going to start studying again next year. I donít think that has any negative effects to producing. ĎI Love Youí and ĎKrystal Dreamsí were made when I was studying happy

Do you surf on the Internet often? Do you know our site Trance.nu? Any thoughts about it?
I read some forums. Iíve also registered to Trance.nu. I read it sometimes and itís a very good forum happy

Something you want to shout out to your fans out there on Trance.nu!?
Thank you very much for support! Letís keep the trance scene alive forever! happy

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