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Monday 05th, April 2004
Cosmic Gate

The Dj´s and producers Claus Terhoeven (Nic Chagall) and Stefan Bossems (DJ Bossi), met in 1997 while they had several releases with different projects for the X-IT Label in Cologne. In November 1998 the duo met by chance in a studio, and decided to do a track together. The end result was a track called The Drums and the duo's first exploration in to hard trance. So Cosmic Gate was born. At this point the group was forced to quit their resident dj jobs in two of the biggest german clubs, to have enough time for remixes for artists like DJ Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Rank1, Blank + Jones, numerous dj gigs and several new productions. The Follow Up-singles Mental Athmosphere and Somewhere over the rainbow / Fire Wire were even more successfull then The Drums, as they reached Top Selling Positions in Germany and in the U.K. In Germany their first album was a big success as it went top 30, which is an incredible feet for a techno album. Many international gigs, remixes and releases have followed. In early summer 2002 their new single The Truth and album No more Sleep became club and chart smash's in Europe, as the single went straight to number 1 on the german dance charts in the first week of release (only 2 other titles ever did...), and entered the charts at pos. 31! source: http://www.discogs.com After their Trance Energy gig we had a short talk with Cosmic Gate and decided to do an interview. You can read the result below.

T.nu: Hello guys, thanks for taking the time for this interview! First of all: how was your Trance Energy experience?
Cosmic Gate: Even if it was only the “small” stage, we enjoyed it a lot again!!! Trance Energy is definately one of our absolutly favourite parties, we are already looking forward to the next year...

T.nu: Do you guys play more hardtrance or are u slowly graduating to the hardstyle sound that is gaining massive popularity in Holland these days?
Cosmic Gate: Please do not talk about hardstyle to us!!! We absolutely do NOT like this style of music, even as we know that a few people see us as an hardstyle act, cause we were one of the first to play harder trance music! We even play less hardtrance these days, cause in our eyes there is only really a few quality tracks in that genre. Our sets are more progressive, techy or trancy at the moment, eventhough a set can be really different, when you compare a rave to a club set.

T.nu: You guys are DJ’ing and producing fulltime now again at the moment. Besides the producing, where will u guys perform the coming months?
Cosmic Gate: We just retured from some gigs in Soutth Africa and America, at the end of April we are going to tour in Australia again for 2 weeks. After that the “open Air “ season in Europe starts, and u will see us in The Netherlands for some big gigs as well!!!!

T.nu: How does it work to DJ back to back, because that’s what u guys are doing! How do you build-up a set and know what the other one wants?
Cosmic Gate: For us it is very easy, cause we have totally the same idea about how a Cosmic Gate set has to sound, thats why we often have the same idea about which way to go in the set at the same time, and this makes it a big pleasure to spin together. Do not forget, about 50 % of the time we spin alone, so it is very cool the way it is, sometimes as a DJ-team, sometimes “the normal way”, DJ-ing alone.

T.nu: U told me: “It’s cool to see how much interest and enthusiasm there is in trance music in the netherlands in contrast to germany!” Is it really that bad over there?
Cosmic Gate: Yes it is! There is no trance scene in Germany any more. The smaller Clubs are more into progressive + techno, the bigger clubs play commercial chart music like R&B etc. We only have like about 10 % of our gigs in Germany, but playing in the Netherlands is nearly the same, cause we only live 15 minutes from the dutch border...

T.nu: Still Germany has a big trance reputation. especially the harder sounds, like you produce, have been immensely popular. Is there a plan for a new album/mix-cd?
Cosmic Gate: In April we come with 4 new tracks on 2 Vinyls called “ different concept” part I + II. In the Benelux we are signed to ID&T now, and we are going to mix one of the next DJ Compilations that they do as well. The new tracks are more club orientated to what we did before, but surely we are going to work on new material starting in the early summer. We think about a new album about the end of the year, without having any pressure behind it.

T.nu: On your website it’s possible to play a little with audio take-outs of Cosmic Gate – Back To Earth. What do you think of the Internet’s possibilities regarding dance music?
Cosmic Gate: The internet is doing very bad things for us (like free mp3 etc.), but on the other side the internet helps getting us popular in countries, where our tracks han´t even been released in!!! We get e-mails from countries like Iran, China etc., and this shows how good the internet works for an artist finally...

T.nu: You guys produce together in the studio as well. Do you guys have your own specialty? And how is the co-operation in the studio?
Cosmic Gate: Nic is the Keyboarder, and we always bring our ideas together until we are both satisfied with the result and see it as a new Cosmic Gate track finally...We think that we do not work different to other producers, so there is nothing special about a Cosmic Gate jam in the studio...

T.nu: Software for producing tracks is improving all the time? What do you like more: Software or Hardware?
Cosmic Gate: It is getting more and more into the software thing. The only stuff you need for producing nowadays is a good computer and all these software synths. The quality of this software is getting better and better, honestly, no one needs hardware stuff anymore, it is only nice to see all these mixers, synths etc. cause they look real cool, but finally the software can do even better meanwhile...

T.nu: So what kind of equipment can we find in your studio?
Cosmic Gate: It is the same stuff that you find in most other studios as well, really nothing special, we could do our tracks in any other studio as well...

T.nu: What can we expect from the new Tracks Ultra Curve / Tomorrow / Monotune / Bilingual?
Cosmic Gate: We decided to come up with 4 new tracks within one month on 2 vinyls this time. We wanted to show the development of our sound, and this wasn´t possible with only one track. We hope that nearly any clubber will find one of the new tracks interesting. In general, the whole sound is more clubby orientated, not interested in any commercial chart ideas or whatever.

T.nu: The Cosmic Gate mixalbum Back 2 Back was released last year. Is there a follow-up planned?
Cosmic Gate: Like we said before. We are doing a mix Cd with ID&T, we let you know a.s.a.p. when we decided about a release date for that!!!

T.nu: Whats hot in your vinylbox at the moment? The top 5 tracks of you guys individually?
Age of Love Cosmic Gate Rmx.
Randy Katana – One Solid Wave
Cosmic Gate – Ultra Curve
Marc Dawn – Random walk
D & G She´s the day – Shes the night

T.nu: What’s the strangest thing ever happened to you in the music business?
Cosmic Gate: The whole music industry is a strange thing, to understand most of these stories you have to be inside of this business, but then it is always good stories, cause dj´s and producers are always a little bit “different” comparing to other people and there is loats of stories, that u do not know how to handle, because you do not know if to laugh or to cry while hearing them...

T.nu: And the most memorable moment?
Cosmic Gate: When talking about the most memorable moment in the Netherlands, it was the first Trance Energy we played. It was really unbelievable, and after getting home the next day our complete guest book was full of people talking about Trance Energy and the one track they didn´t know with the sample “The Truth” in it...

T.nu: What will be the keyword for Cosmic Gate in 2004?
Cosmic Gate: yesterday was yesterday, if you try to recapture it you will only loose tomorrow....

T.nu: Who is/has been your biggest influence in your musical career this far?
Cosmic gate: we both think that it is very important to get influences from different music styles!!! Also it is very nice to get new influences while travelling as dj´s arround the world, which leads to a more “unique” sound in our eyes...

T.nu: Thank you guys very much for your time and we wish u good luck in 2004!


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