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Wednesday 30th, November -0001
Cor Fijneman

The In Trance We Trust serie is big. But maybe the DJ of ITWT5, Cor Fijneman will become even bigger. We got an phoneinterview with him and here's his answers on our questions.

Questions: Alot of people will buy the ITWT5 CD but there are also alot of people who will download it on internet.
Do you see this as negative or posstive for you and for the trance?

Answer: I think that the people who download my CD wouldn't have bought the CD anyway. And people will maybe
get the chance to get in touch with trance music and start to buy CD's and even the one which they had downloaded.
People still want the case with the tracklisting and a nice sleve.

Question: Every DJ has their own story about how they were found. What's yours ?

Answer: I knew Tijs Verwest from the recordshop in my native town and offcourse the spock and one day he asked me
to get in the studio together which resulted in the track Earth under the name Hammock Brothers and from that day
I was part of the Black Hole family. First I was the producer who also played at a local club but this summer Arny
asked me to do the new ITWT and that is the story.

Question: Have you made the In Trance we trust 5 compilation on computer
or is it made on turntabels?

Answer: It was mixed with two turntables and 1 mixer but it was all put in a computer.
It was edited just a little because the mix originally was 80 minutes so it had to get a little
bit shorter. So it's drawnback to 74 miniutes.

Question: Alot of people wonder why you haven't produced any own music, and instead worked with other DJs as Tisto.

Answer: At first my studio wasn't that big so I couldn't really make tracks that could be released but now my studio
is good enough to make quality tracks and I can also use the Magik studio so watch out for solo tracks in the near
future also I like to work with other people because you can fill eachother in when you get stuck in a track.

Question: Are you working with any projects right now on your own or with another DJ ?

Answer: I am working on solo tracks and I am making tracks with DJ Dazzle, DJ Montana, DJ Vincenzo and the Dawnseekers.
In the future I will also make some tracks together with DJ Misja Helsloot and Johan Gielen.

Question: Are there any plans for tours arround the world and if, where and when ?

Answer: Black Hole is planning a tour through Scandinavia including me, DJ Dazzle and DJ Tiesto and I will maybe get a few gigs
in Norway but time will tell where I will be playing in the world.

Question: Trance is really big in both the Netherland and Norway.
How come it hasn't really spread that much to countries like Sweden do you think ?

Answer: I think this is the prove that Trance music still grows in the world. I hope trance will eventually
conquer the whole world and I think it will.

Question: DJs cooperate alot, is there any DJ you really would like to
work with and for what reason ?

Answer: It is not a DJ but I would like to work with BT because I really like his complex way of producing.
You can really hear that he works a long time on one track.

Question: Is Djing a hobby to you or is it really your work ?

Answer: DJing is still a hobby but I can make a living out of the music that I produce.

Question: Have you planned to retire as a DJ or is it just something that you work with for the moment ?

Answer: I did a course to become a sound engineer so I will retire as a musician. But I don't think I will
be a DJ anymore when I'm 65 but I will do something in the Music Bizz(cleaning music studios LOL)

Question: Any suggestions to people who want to become a DJ ?
Where and how to start?

Answer: Just start buying records and start practising and develope your own style and eventually there will be that
one chance.

Question: Is the release of ITWT5 your brakethrough ?

Answer: I hope it will be, it sure helps me that people will get to know me as a DJ and not only as the co-producer
of DJ Tiesto's productions.

Question: Best trancetune ever ?
And which one is best right now ?

Answer: Ever: Age of Love - Age of Love:still goosebumps all over my body whenever it is being played Now: Smudge and Smith - Near Me

Question: What will be next after ITWT5? Are there any plans or will you
do whatever pop ups ?

Answer: Offcourse I will spend a lot of time in the studio and maybe I will do a trance CD for Scandinavia.

Question: I've heard from alot of people that they think trance is "the ultimate music".
That would mean that It'll never die. Do you think the trance will live on forever.

Answer: I think it still will live on for a long time but trance will change and that is only good. Trance has
more chance of surviving because it is real music.
Alot of older people also like trance. There are alot of people that is 40-50 coming in to our shop.
My mother also like trance music but when I put on a technorecord she goes like "stop that".

Question: What do you think about the future of trance.
What will it feel and sound like ?

Answer: Let me get in my time travelling machine and see what will happen with Trance in a few years...No, I really
don't have a clue what will happen with trance the only thing I know is that is needs to change or else the future
is not so bright for trance but everything will be allright.

Fast questions

Favorite food: Pasta

Best compilation serie: Global Underground

Best compilation album: Paul Oakenfold's 2 years residency at Cream

Best DJ: Seb Fontaine

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