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Tuesday 16th, April 2002
Christian Stein (Dark Moon, Microbe, DJ Sabu)

German based producers, Christian Stein and Tino Hufeld are behind the impeccable trance sounds of acts Dark Moon, Microbe and DJ Sabu. Famed for their remixes of tracks by Aurora, Marc et Claude and Lange, and numerous productions, Christian talks to Trance.nu, in this exclusive chat, about their projects.

So remixing evolved the dark moon sound?

Hmmmm.....not really, but we improved our music style there and we built up our studio, so our sound was also built up more and more.......but we soon found more interesting styles and so we came to our other two projects Microbe and DJ Sabu.

How would you define the different aliases? Is there a deliberate distinct difference in their sounds?

We love trance in all kinds and Dark Moon is our most successful project, but we had lots of other ideas that we cannot release with only one project name. So Microbe and a project with our DJ friend Sabu was born. The sound of DJ Sabu is more old school trance, Microbe is more hard trance and Dark Moon is uplifting trance.

With regard to remixing, do people specifically ask for a Dark Moon remix, or do you decide whether it's a Dark Moon, Microbe and DJ Sabu remix?

They always ask for the project and most people want the special Dark Moon sound, but questions about the other projects also come in.

Your Microbe project is released through the uk label Redemption. How do you feel this will progress on the Redemption label?

We've always loved the uk trance style, and we've know Bhaskar for a long time. He licensed the first two Dark Moon singles, so we talked about a project on Redemption. This is how we came to our first release. I hope he can build up his label, and he can do much more in the future.

And how does it feel to have your Microbe track played by Judge Jules?

We know that Judge played all the Dark Moon tunes a lot, but we where really happy when we heard Judge was playing Microbe on his show, and Microbe was in his charts also. It is always a pleasure when you see that people like what we produce here in our studio!!!

Have you ever meet Jules?

No, not as yet.

How do you like his productions under the Hi-Gate alias?

Judge is one of the best DJ 's of the world, and a really good producer too. We think Hi-Gate is another side of this hugely talented man. Which we respect a lot.

Bringing things upfront, your new release is called The Prayer. What were the inspirations behind this release? Are their any remixes of this single planned?

The story of The Prayer started two years ago, when we found the voice of a priest on TV. We had an idea for a song and produced it. It took so long because we had to find the priest. At the moment only one remix is planned.

Is the remix by another artist or by yourselves?

No, from another artist. The producer under the alias Survivors.

Interesting. have been approach for any remixing recently?

Yes, there are two interesting tracks in our studio at the moment, one of them will be produced in the next few weeks.

Any names?

Sorry, I cannot give an details at the moment, but the last remix we did was Letticia 'Colour of My Dreams'.

Ok. How do you go about a remix? Does it involve listening to the track a lot? or more playing with new sounds?

Hmmm, first we listen to the track a few times to find out what we can use in our remix and by listening to the track we get ideas how to work out a remix.

And going back to Dark Moon, is a production and remixed album something that might surface in the future?

We only produces singles at the moment, and we are not planning an album at the present.

And Christian, you DJ, is that right?

At the moment we are only working in the studio, sometimes we play live or as DJ's. But you are right, I started DJing nearly 10 years ago.

And finally, is there anything you'd like to say to the visitors of Trance.Nu?

I find Trance.Nu is a really great site, with lots of information, and I would like to tell all visitors to take a look on the new Dark Moon single. Thanks for supporting us.

Trance.Nu would like to wish Christian and Tino all the best with their releases and projects! and thanks for Bhaskar at Redemption for organising contact!

For more information on Christian and Tino, please visit: <a href=http://www.darkmoon-project.de target=_blank>www.darkmoon-project.de</a>.

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