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Tuesday 19th, June 2007
Casey Keyworth (Breakfast)
Updated: Thursday 28th, May 2009

Casey Keyworth was born in Annapolis, Maryland, The United States Of America on July 30th 1988. At the age of 9-ish, the song 'Daft Punk - Around The World' was introduced to him while listening to the radio. Casey immediately went to purchase the 'Homework' album and found some weird stuff he'd never heard of in his life. Shortly after he was jammin' on the program Fruity Loops with his new computer his mother purchased. This computer turned into Casey's main base for production in the years to come, where he learned to teach himself all of his techniques and styles in his music. When he finished a coupled of songs, he handed over a demo CD to Ferry Corsten, who started to play out the track ‘The Air Between’ in his sets and he even played it in his Essential Mix! The track was signed to Ferry’s label ‘Flashover Recordings’ under the artist name ‘Breakfast’. Together with the track ‘River Of Light’ it was released a few weeks after Casey’s 18th birthday on the label. The third ‘Breakfast’ release on Ferry's label is out now: ‘The Sunlight’ got massive support by Armin van Buuren (Tune Of The Week + Future Favorite in ASOT), Above & Beyond (Record Of The Week in TATW), Ferry Corsten (on his new Passport USA CD), Sander van Doorn, Dave Dresden, Cosmic Gate, Bart Claessen, Gareth Emery, Menno de Jong, Simon Patterson, Bobina, Ron van den Beuken and many others! And he is only 18 years old ...

Trance.nu: When did you exactly start producing music?
Breakfast: It was about when I was 11, I started making music with ‘Fruity Loops’. But before that I had this cheesy music program, which was called ‘MTV Music Generator’ for my Playstation. It was pretty funny, It was kind of like a cheesy house productions. But it did get me into the whole idea behind it which led me to ‘Fruity Loops’.

Trance.nu: And you are still producing with ‘Fruity Loops’ now?
Breakfast: Yes indeed!

Trance.nu: I’ve read that you were inspired by the music from ‘Daft Punk’, so why did you decide to make trance in the first place, since ‘Daft Punk’ is not really trance?
Breakfast: ‘Daft Punk’ their song ‘Around The World’ in a sense to me it is a trance song, because it puts you in a trance, not defined by the genre exactly but maybe more the feeling. After I got into ‘Daft Punk’, which is more of a house-y, kind of progressive, filter-disco kind of music, I found a song by ‘BT’, which was called ‘Dreaming’. And that was what really turned me into trance music.

Trance.nu: How do you get inspiration when you start working on a track?
Breakfast: Everything! When I’m not in the studio or in the house, I’m usually outside or travelling somewhere, so these things usually give me inspiration.

Trance.nu: How would you describe your own sound?
Breakfast: I think my sound is very organic, very warm, it’s very vibrant, like … space … And I think it is very mushy, yes, it’s very warm and mushy! That is how I would describe it!

Trance.nu: Why did you decide to pick ‘Breakfast’ as an alias?
Breakfast: When I wake up in the morning, I usually start making trance or other music instead of making breakfast first. So I decided, why not call myself ‘Breakfast’.

Trance.nu: What other software or equipment do you use in your studio besides ‘Fruity Loops’?
Breakfast: I don’t have any external hardware besides my EMU Soundcard. I have my studio monitors from ‘KRK’, which is a company from California. Those make a pretty nice, flat sound and it has good bass response. So I basically use software only.

Trance.nu: How much time do you spend working on a track?
Breakfast: I usually spend a day or 2 on finishing a track, at most a week. If it gets past that it gets a little stale for me. But it really depends on the song.

Trance.nu: That is pretty quick!
Breakfast: Yeah, in ‘Fruity Loops’ I can work pretty quickly, so it is easy for me to control what I want to have in a song.

Trance.nu: You release your music on Ferry Corsten’s label ‘Flashover Recordings’ under the ‘Breakfast’ alias. How did you got in contact with Ferry?
Breakfast: Haha, this is a kind of funny story …. When I was 17, maybe about one year ago, I went to a club in Washington DC to see my friends Mike and Sam (Big Mike and Blueshift) and they were going to see Ferry at the club. I brought my CD to drop it of for them, just as a promo. But my mother was with me as well and she was talking to some of the promoters outside and I’m not sure what she said, but they let us in. But anyway, I got inside and Ferry was starting to play and for me this was the first time that I’ve been to a club and I was blown away! The sound was amazing! And afterwards I gave him my CD and the next day he emailed me to let me know that he wanted some of my songs for ‘Flashover Recordings’. I was a bit shocked, and I didn’t really think he was being serious, maybe only interested in a song or two, but he was interested in the whole CD…

Trance.nu: You are pretty young, so how do you think about the trance scene today, when you didn’t experienced the 'golden years' of trance at the end of the 90’s?
Breakfast: That’s a bit of a tuff question for me, because I have not travelled quite enough as I’ve wanted to, to judge the scene and say that it’s healthy or not healthy. But from what I have experienced locally, I think that trance especially is a very strong genre compared to some of the other genres, like some of the housier stuff. It seems that the attendance is very wide at the trance shows.

Trance.nu: Who do you look up to in the trance scene? Someone special?!
Breakfast: That is a really hard question … Of course Ferry is an amazing DJ! Out of all the DJ’s that I’ve seen Armin and Ferry have to be my favourite trance DJ’s. I mean, they are the best! They proved that to me! They are just amazing DJ’s! But as a producer I think … from the past, if we look back, Tiësto’s earlier work was a pretty big outlet for some of my inspiration. And James Holden used to have some amazing releases as well, but now I don’t quite know where he’s gone. He kind of went off in his little thing…I think Daft Punk’s ‘Homework’ was just a beautiful album. I don’t know how to describe that, it was just beautiful…This is really a hard question because the inspiration comes from so many different artists, it doesn’t even have to be trance! But for trance it’s really hard for me to decide.

Trance.nu: In the February issue of the UK magazine ‘Mixmag’ was a special article that was about the next generation producers that we have to look out for in 2007. You were one of them as well, how does it feel to be mentioned in an article in a famous magazine like ‘Mixmag’?
Breakfast: I was a bit surprised when they approached me about the article, because I only had one song released. And I didn’t know that it would be such a big impact for them to have an article that would actually fill up a page in a magazine! So I was pretty amazed that they even wanted to consider that!

Trance.nu: Your third release on Flashover will be ‘Breakfast -The Sunlight’. The track has received support already by people such as Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Ferry Corsten of course. When can we expect ‘The Sunlight’ in stores?
Breakfast: ‘The Sunlight’ should be released on vinyl on Monday the 18th of June. And it will also be available as digital download at Beatport and Dance-Tunes as well.

Trance.nu: What other tracks or remixes can we expect on the release?
Breakfast: There will be a ‘JPL Remix’, which is done by the infamous Joni Ljungqvist, who actually had originally helped on the production of ‘The Sunlight’ a long time ago. That was maybe already in 2003. We never got to finish the song, so that’s why I asked him to remix it for the release and of course he agreed, so we have a very nice ‘JPL Remix’ on the flipside.

Trance.nu: Are you are working on a follow up of ‘The Sunlight’ already?
Breakfast: Yes I am. It’s very similar in the feeling of ‘The Sunlight’ and it still keeps the trance themes. So it’s similar, but also very different. I also plan to go to a darker style for a few releases… But who knows things change quickly!

Trance.nu: Are there plans already for a full ‘Breakfast’ album?
Breakfast: Not that I know of, but I would love to do an album someday! Maybe not a dance album, but I have some other nice ideas that I would like to work around and see what people think about it.

Trance.nu: That is my next question indeed; so you want to try other styles of music as well?
Breakfast: Definitely! Trance is a great genre, but it’s hard to base an entire album or even a DJ set on a complete trance playlist. I have some other styles that I would like to present to the people, but the problem would be mostly, that it’s not trance exactly, so it’s hard to find somewhere to release such a style. I have some projects that I’m working on that are minimal maybe also progressive, but much slower, but still in the same mood of some of my other trancier songs. But besides dance music I have a Hip-Hop project I am currently working on with a friend, Chris Conde. That will take a while though, because you must be careful where to present Hip-Hop so it is not misunderstood. Next to that, I also play guitar for some time and I’ve been in bands before, so I have a certain thing that I would like to do with guitar and vocals. So maybe play a little bit around with that, but nothing solid yet.

Trance.nu: Do you plan on collaborate with other producers as well in the future? Or maybe some vocal releases?
Breakfast: Yes! I’ve been collaborating with a few friends. Big Mike (Mike St. Jules), to name one. We did a track together which is called ‘Lifeforms’ and as well a track which is called ‘Only Two Should Know’, which also should see a release eventually. Another person that I’ve been collaborating with is James Underwood, who’s actually from London. He used to go under the alias ‘JWB’ or ‘Aquatech’ a very long time ago. But we’ll see some of those productions in the future! As for vocal releases, I’m not quite sure what I want to do with vocals, because I’m very picky when it comes to vocals. So if it was my personal song I would have to make sure that they are perfect!

Trance.nu: And do you prefer male or female vocals then?
Breakfast: Maybe female vocals… Because male vocals are a bit of a hard thing to master in a trance song without making it sound completely cheesy. I think ‘Kyau vs Albert’ did a very good job of making good tracks without making it sound like complete cheddar cheese, haha! Male vocals seem to be a hard thing to grab in a trance song. But I would definitely like to experiment with vocal tracks!

Trance.nu: You remixed the track ‘Ordinary Moment’ by ‘Filo & Peri feat. Fisher’ and recently you did remixes from a few other tracks as well. What new remixes by you can we expect soon?
Breakfast: I have finished a very nice remix of the Steve Helstrip project ‘The Thrillseekers’. I remixed the new track ‘Waiting Here For You’, with vocals from Aruna, who’s from California. I’m not sure when that would be released. I’ve also done a remix from ‘Dubfire – Roadkill’, which should be out at ‘Armada’ at one point. I’m not sure when that one would be released either. Next to that I have a remix that I’ve done for the Maarten Hercules track ‘Bodyfusion’ and that one will be on ‘Fraction Records’ soon.

Trance.nu: Are you DJ-ing as well?
Breakfast: Of course! I’ve been DJ-ing for about 3 years and every DJ has a particular style and I’ve tried to work on some of my favourite progressive and even ‘minimal trance’ songs in the beginning of my sets and then build my way into some of my more heavier tracks. But it all depends on the vibe of what’s going on in the crowd.

Trance.nu: How does that work? You are 18 years old, so that means that because of your age, you are not allowed in most clubs in the United States?
Breakfast: I know a lot of the promoters here in Washington DC, so recently I've been able to get in some of the 21+ clubs. But for the most part I'm not quite sure how that's going to work out for some of the other venues in the United States, because I know they are that strict and they won't let anyone in, because if they get caught drinking, the club has a big chance to get shut down. So I'm not sure how that's going to work out. But for the most part so far I’ve had no problems.

Trance.nu: What is your opinion about other very young producers? Like Joni Ljungqvist, Ørjan Nilsen, Marcus Schössow and Maarten Hercules for example?
Breakfast: I love all these guys! I love all Joni's productions and Ørjan Nilsen's ‘Beat Design’ is amazing, Maarten Hercules is also amazing and Marcus Schössow is on a roll as well! And 'Moog Me' is a great track! All these guys are really, to me, they are the faces of trance right now. They are the guys who are going to be pushing the scene forward in the future.

Trance.nu: What can we expect from you in the future?
Breakfast: I'm not sure about the next release, but I have a lot of tracks that I want to get released. But the release process takes quite a while. I have a lot of different genres of songs that I want to present to people and I think that all these songs should come un-biased from a previous release that maybe someone has not agreed with as much, or maybe someone has liked it too much, and this should help build my sound to what I would play in my DJ sets and possibly an album.

Trance.nu: Thanks a lot for your time and good luck in the future!
Breakfast: Thank you too!

Written by:
Twan van Loon

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