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Friday 15th, February 2002
Blank and Jones

[b]Interview with Piet Blank & Jaspa Jones for Trance.nu[/b] Recorded on Monday 11-02-2002 by Dancemania, one hour after the Blank & Jones set that they did at the EinsLive Rosenmontagsrave 2002 in the Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen (Germany).

<p>Trance.nu: There are lots of remixes made by people like Bart Claessen,
4 Strings, Silverblue and others. What is the favorite remix and why?

Jaspa Jones: This is the first time that every remix was so unique and
so fantastic. We have a great remix package and it's hard to say that only one
remix is the very best, they are all very good.

Piet Blank: This time we selected the remixers from the tracks by the
remixers that where around in the clubs that we loved so much. For example '4
Strings - Into The Night' was one of our absolute favourite tracks last year.
Of course we always liked Bart Claessen (Barthezz) and our webmaster Thorsten
got in contact with him. Bart wrote us an email like he first started with "On
The Move" we had it in our top 10 on our website. He wrote us something
like 'I am a big fan from yours'and then he got so succesful and that was really
funny. Then we asked him 'Hey, do you wanna do a remix for us?' and he said
'sure I will!'. And also Silverblue, Michel Pollen, he's such a good producer.
He does so many different projects, so no one does really knows him.

Jaspa Jones: His projects are all really great! We play nearly 4 records
from Michel Pollen in every set of us, so that's why we asked him to do a remix
for us.

<p>Trance.nu: The new single is out now, but have you finished some other new
tracks yet?

Piet Blank: Right now we are sitting in our studio for our new album,
it's gonna be called 'Substance'. We don't know the exact release date yet but
it's gonna be before this summer. At this time we got 6 or 7 new tracks finished
already. But we just want to wait with the release date until we know that every
track is just perfect. It's going to be our 4th album and it's got to be very,
very special. </p>
<p>Trance.nu: I've heard that Blank & Jones just moved into a brand new
studio a few months a go. Because of this new studio, Blank & Jones didn't
make remixes for other artists for a while. One of the latest remixes was for
"Perpetuous Dreamer - The Sound Of Goodbye". Can we expect some new
remixes from Blank & Jones in the near future?

Jaspa Jones: Maybe, but we are now working on the new album, so we've
not got much time to do remixes. But in the future there will some more Blank
& Jones remixes. </p>
<p>Trance.nu: Is there any track (maybe a classic one) that you like to remix
at this moment? If yes, which one and why?

Piet Blank: Well, it's not about classics to remix, because right now
there are so many old songs being re-released, covered, remixed or whatever.
For us it's always important that it's not our style. It's more intresting for
us to remix a track from acts like, for example Limp Bizkit or Depeche Mode
or the Pet Shop Boys. Something like that would be very intresting for us. It's
not so intresting to remix trance tunes for us beacause they are already in
the same direction that we do music, so we love to remix music that's actually
no club music. But we'll see what time will bring. </p>
<p>Trance.nu: The Blank & Jones track "DJ's Fans & Freaks"
is nominated for "Best Dance Single" at the ECHO Awards in March of
this year together with acts like ATB and DJ Quicksilver. What do you think
of awards, are they important for you or is it just nice if you win such an

Jaspa Jones: It's a great honour for us to be recognized by the press.
But most important for us are is how our fans and the clubbers react to our

Piet Blank: That's why we are really proud of our club-award. We've been
voted last year as best DJ's by other German DJ's. And last year we also got
"The Eins Live Crown"-award for best DJ's, a price from radio station
Eins Live that was voted by the listeners of this radio station. Those are the
people who are coming to the clubs and party together with us, that's really
important for us! The ECHO Award is really good too, but it's not judged by
the audience, it's judged by critics. </p>
<p>Trance.nu: So this was also the most important award that you've every won?

Piet Blank:
It was definitly the "The EinsLive Crown" I would

Jaspa Jones: Yeah, we are really proud that we won this award! </p>
<p>Trance.nu: Next Saturday (16-02-2002) Blank & Jones are on Trance Energy,
is this the first time that you both at a big event in the Netherlands?

Jaspa Jones: It's the first time that we are both together in the Netherlands.
I played before in the Netherlands, last year on Mysteryland. It was a great
expierence for me because it was a very good crowd, the people where very up
to the music. And I think we will have a good time at Trance Energy too!

<p>Trance.nu: There are a lot of German artists this year at Trance Energy
(like Dumonde, Cosmic Gate and Alex Morph). Why do you think ID&T asked
a lot of German DJ's this year?

Piet Blank: Well, I don't know, but we really feel honoured, because
we know that the Netherlands has a very strong dance scene, so we really feel
very honoured to be invited and we are gonna try to do our best! On the other
hand we love to invite acts from the Netherlands to Germany. Last year I invited
Ferry Corsten to play at the Rosenmontagsrave. These two countries are so close
to each other and they have so much in common music-wise. So I think it's very
good to exchange a little.

<p>Trance.nu: What has been the best event for you?

Jaspa Jones: Hmmm... that's a very, very hard question but for me it
was the Loveparade in Berlin last year. Playing in front of 1.5 million clubbers
that's the best thing you can get!

Piet Blank: You know, you really get goosebumps when you stand there.
Two years ago we also played on the Loveparade and when we played our track
"Nightfly" we saw 1.5 million people totally going mad, that was amazing!

<p>Trance.nu: In Germany you are both very popular and well-known. Is it difficult
for Blank & Jones to have succes in other countries like Holland and the

Jaspa Jones: I don't know, we had a chart hit with "Cream"
in the UK and with "Afterlove" in the Netherlands. We are proud to
be well-known in Germany and if we have success in other countries we are happy
about it too, but we firstly produce our music for the Germans.

<p>Trance.nu: What can we expect from Blank & Jones in the future?

Piet Blank: Well, we are definitly going to do our forth album 'Substance'
as I said. Then we are looking forward for the summer to play a lot of gigs
like Mayday, the Loveparade and maybe if we do a good job at Trance Energy we
hope to invited to Mysteryland again. So let's wait and see. We always try to
produce our tracks during winter and spring and then in the summer we go out
and play. We also are going to be at Nature 1 this year and we're probably going
to visit the Balearic Island again. </p>
<p>Trance.nu: Do you want to say anything to the visitors of trance.nu?

Jaspa Jones: Yes, be up to the music and come to Trance Energy to join

Piet Blank: We really support Trance.nu because we really think it's
a good site. We go there like once a week at least and check the news and everything.
We also have a link on our website to Trance.nu. So, keep up the good work,
it's a really good job that you guys do!

<p>Trance.nu: Thank you very much for the interview and good luck with your
carreer in the future.

Blank & Jones: Thank you!

More information about Blank & Jones can be found on their official homepage:
<a href=http://www.blankandjones.de/ target=blank>http://www.blankandjones.de/</a>

Special thanks to Thorsten / Dance To Trance for arranging the interview!

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