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Thursday 26th, May 2005
Binary Finary

[b]Binary Finary were responsible for the massive epic trance classic, '1998' which features in most DJ’s/clubbers top 5 all-time trance tracks. Binary Finary have spent their time well developing some of the most unique music to grace clubbers ears that will take them on a journey that will once again be unforgettably uplifting. It’s been a long wait but the Binary Finary boys are finally back in town! Trance.nu brings you this exclusive interview with Binary Finary (Matt Laws and Stuart Matheson)[/b]

How did you guys meet and when did you start writing together?
We met in a music shop in Portsmouth, I (Stu) went in there looking for a new bit of equipment and met this guy called Matt who invited me round his house to check out a keyboard he had bought, but that wasn’t in stock at the shop… After worrying about what to expect, I phoned a mate to ask for backup and we turned up… The keyboard blew me away and so did Matt’s music, from there it just went crazy! J

Trance.nu user frostdude1 asks:
How does it feel when you wake up every morning ... knowing you made probably the best trance ch00n of all-time and the pressure of never living up to it again?

Same as everyone else… Shit I’m late!!! happy

Describe your sound in 5 words or less.
Alive, vivid, melodic, eclectic & euphoric.

Trance.nu user scAza2K3 asks:
Why the f*ck did you release one amazing song and then f*ck all for 8 years (except for nightrider etc)? Not really into the music and were happy living on royalties or just scared that nothing will compare to 1998? or what?

Good question…I (Stu) realised things weren’t going well within the group, so I pulled away before it really damaged me… We’ve always been into the music and its never been about money…

The Royalties paid were minimal… the original publishing agreement was with a company that went bust, therefore no royalties were paid after that period… The publishing licensee’s had the right to do whatever they wanted with the song, hence the numerous remixes… Of which we didn’t receive a penny for…

Just to put things into perspective for you… I (Stu) live in a very small 1 bed room flat with my fiancé in South London and Matt lives in a bedsit in North Devon…

We’ve both being doing our own thing for the past 8 years, we are just glad to be back together, a lot wiser and a lot more determined to put right some wrongs…

(Matt) – I totally agree with Stu, Its payback time and the trance addicts will love every second of it happy

Do you prefer hardware or software?
Both! happy I love the portability of software, but the sound of hardware… recently we have trimmed down our equipment and gone with more of a digital environment as this will help our set to evolve over time…This way we can write anywhere in the world…

Trance.nu Contributor afterhourpower asks:
What can we expect them to do live? Back 2 back DJing? What’s the tour about?

We are creating a live set using the material we have been writing and developing over the last few years… The idea is to create a platform that will allow us to continually evolve the set as a piece of music in its own right, not just a blend of existing songs…

The idea is to never have the same set twice...

We are also exploring how we can write a custom piece of music for every gig we play… possibly at the intro stage…

Who or what inspired you both to start writing?
Stu: Listening to Aphex Twin, The Orb, Ozrics and Orbital… I started messing around with a naf old pc, sampling weird sounds etc… After going to Glastonbury and seeing some amazing acts, I decided to really try and push myself further…

Matt: Eat Static & House parties – also a grounding in music (guitar, bass and drums) – and deep down something really gets me going with funky rhythms…

Trance.nu user Marcato asks:
Why did you break up to begin with and what has brought you back together?

A lot of different things lead to the break up… Rather than the group as a whole developing and pushing on, individual people started to want everything for themselves…

For me (Stu) I felt I had to remove myself from the circle before it made me really very unhappy…

A chance email brought us back together… I (Stu) had lost contact with Matt and whilst out in Australia received a cryptic email! happy We decided to give stuff a go, as we really feel that it isn’t us coming back, its Binary Finary actually starting…

(Matt) I should have followed Stu happy

Have you had any professional musical training?
Stu: Absolutely none… I don’t work by playing, I work by frequencies… I’m not sure if this is a hindrance or a blessing, but it works for me, so I’ll stick with it! happy
Matt: None, I move stuff around until it works for me – but I did teach myself guitar and other instruments…

Trance.nu user Rodriguez asks:
Did they get any money for their Binary Finary melody being used in Kontakt / Show me a sign?

Absolutely nothing, the track was made without anyone of us knowing anything…

Are there any artist collaborations lined up over the next year?
So far none, although there are a few ideas in the pipeline!

Trance.nu user syozza asks:
Are u two gay lovers?

Lol, no, why which one of us do you fancy?

Trance.nu user Shoma asks:
What’s your most favourite 1998 mix?

Stu: For me it’s the PVD mix, I really think he ramped the song up a notch or two…
Matt: Gouryella – I was shocked happy

Trance.nu user CJ_InterCity asks:
What are the key differences between the tracks 1998, 1999 and 2000?
Someone different remixed it everytime! happy

Trance.nu user qualified asks:
How did you get in touch with José Amnesia? Will there maybe be a Binary Finary remix of The Eternal?

Stu: Through my fiancé… She knew Jose and one day we just got talking… He is a great fun Italian guy and we hit it off with him teaching me Italian words and me teaching him Cockney Slang… Ah well you’ll have to ask Jose about the remix!

Trance.nu user Rusch asks:
Have either of you or the two of you as a duo written any other music for release, exploring other genres and types of music; or do you plan to?

No, but we write a lot of different styles…From ambient, to lounge, to hard house and electronica. It’s really whatever we feel like writing at the time…

One thing neither of us like doing is feeling forced to write a certain way or in a certain style… We’d much rather write exactly what we want to at that time…

Trance.nu user Daryath asks:
What is it exactly that we can expect in the future? Is it just a release of a new tune, or is there more to come?

We are hoping that this is a chance for people to hear and enjoy binary finary and the workings of us both over the last few years…

We have a new song out this summer which we are excited about, there is also plans for a sample cd in the future, but that’s unconfirmed as yet… we have lots of ideas its just a matter of getting them from the idea stage to the real stage! J

Trance.nu user lunaticasylum asks:
Will there one day be Binary Finary album or Binary Finary in the mix? And what producers you appreciate most?

I sincerely hope so… Writing an album gives you a lot more freedom to express yourself in different ways… We would definitely jump at the chance of doing one…

For me (stu) I love early BT stuff and I really dig The Ozric Tentacles… Eat Static, Infected Mushroom, Orbital – all of it (Matt), I like a lot of non-dance productions also. I hope there will be many binary albums.

Trance.nu user thnderfactory asks:
What's the question you would have liked to be asked?

Where can I pay your lost royalties to? Lol… No seriously something along the lines of ‘Where do you get your inspiration from’…

What is your favourite track of all time, and why?
Toooooo Difficult!!!!!!!!!

A lot of people think that the trance sound is dead. What are your thoughts?
Music tends to work in cycles, what’s popular now, dies and then re-emerges a few years down the line… I think the industry as a whole is going through a small revolution… I think the emergence of the mp3 has been a problem for a number of organisations… I feel for the small labels who make their living picking up unsigned talent only to find the track being downloaded off the net days later… Its up to all of us to support these small labels, they after all are at the forefront of picking up new talent…

Look out for Binary Finary & Jose Amnesia Present Cloudbreak – Difference out on Enhanced Records very soon! For tour dates and news please visit the Official Binary Finary website: <A HREF=http://www.binary-finary.com>www.binary-finary.com</A>.

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