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Monday 03rd, June 2002
Berry van Gardingen

Berry van Gardingen started working as a DJ for various radio stations. Initially he played disco-music, but later on it was mainly hiphop. However, house music was his true passion, as he found out around ‘87. Van Gardingen shifted from Sound of Chicago to hiphouse and from hiphouse to acid.

Which other producers/DJ's inspire you?
Producers: (in the early days) Patrick Cowley, Arthur Baker.. (at this moment) David Alverado, Funk D'void, Secret Cinema, Omid Nourizadeh, Layo & Buschwaka, John Selway.

As you see i like many diffrent producers. David Alverado for his deep sound with heavy filtered strings is, but the uptempo grooves of Secret Cinema are giving me energy. Omid Nourizadeh a.k.a. 16b is for me one the most important producers of the UK progressive sound. Specially his older records are mindblowing. Funk D'Void's Diabla is a classic already, i like his housy trance style very much.

Dj's: Josh Wink, Laurent Garnier, Michel de Hey, Remy.

What are your most precious 12"s ?
Donna Summer - I feel love (Patrick Cowley remix), Bohannon - Let's start to dance again, Rythtm Docter - Estoric Chakra and Viridian - Sunhump.

What do you listen to when you're not in the studio ?
Moby, Robbie Williams, Faithless (cause my girlfriend plays it).

How would you describe the Berry van Gardingen sound ?Always grooving, banging deep rhythms and a myriad of intertwining sounds.

How do you see the Dutch music scene evolving the next couple of years? Will euphoric trance rise again, or is progressive- and tech-house/trance come to stay forever ?
The dutch scene is very alive at this moment. Prodcucers/dj's are listening more to other styles than ever. I think that's very important for a scene. Trance will offcourse stay but will have more techno and house influences i think. Euphoric trance won't rise again, but you'll never know.

What track would you love to remix, and why?

Difficult, the tracks i like are already perfect, but a dream came true to do Viridian's Sunhump. “Derrick May - Strings of life” or Dave Angel – Airborne” will do hahahaha.

What's your favorite labels ?
EC records, Kanzleramt, End records, Aloha, Creative music and Sadie.

Which producer would you like to collaborate with, and why ?
At this moment Funk D'Void or Secret Cinema, I like their sound very much.

Can we expect more collaborations with Mirko van Dommelen and Nic Vegter in the future ?

For sure, Nic and i just finished the remixes for Epsylon 9 and we started a new heavy tribal track.
With Mirko, we've just finished the new Coming Soon EP, it is called Determination. We all are living in the same town in Holland and are very good friends, also outside the musicscene we see eachother a lot so i think the best is yet to come.

What are your plans for the year? Any forthcoming productions/remixes we should look out for ?
Right now we are very busy with the Coming Soon live performance, we already did some big clubs in Holland. For the prodcutions, there will be a release soon on EC records number fifty. A track for a club called Fusion and Nic and i are planning the new Infernal Machine. There will be a special remix from a specialproducer for our track Realistic. I am also working on the follow up for Resolution, and the new Coming Soon is coming…

What are your plans for the summer? Attending any big parties? perhaps a residency ?
Drink dry white wine in the sun is the first goal this summer! i have a gig in Poland, we are doing Chemistry in Amsterdam Escape, playing in Nighttown and i have a residency in Cubic once a month on friday with Yesse.

What's hot in your box at the moment (top 5/10 tracks)
1. Kenneth Graham - Cyptography (?)
2. Highrise - Hope for peace (Kanzleramt)
3. Sightdraft - Intern (Coming Soon remix, EC records)
4. The Youngsters - Smile (F communications)
5. Sebastiaan Leger - PYT (high tek mix, Defected)
6. Coming Soon - Determination (EC records)
7. Paul Brtschitsch - 2nd memory (Frisbee)
8. Danilo Vigorito - Psychedelic rain (Espisode)
9. Classified Project - Eyecatcher (Sadie)
10. John Selway - Darlin (Feis)

Any final words for your fans at www.trance.nu ?

Berry van Gardingen - 'Resolution' (Sadie Records)
Coming Soon - 'Ozonic' (EC Records)
Classified Project - 'Eyecather' (Sadie Records)
Coming Soon - 'Control Freaks' (Miracle Records)
Coming Soon - 'Be Squared' (EC Records)
Berry van Gardingen & dj Jerome - 'Inhaler - Exhaler' - (Pocket records)
Monkeyheads - 'Hawai' (Source Records)
Monkeyheads - 'Unidentified' (Source Records)
Coming Soon - 'Modular' (Brave New World)
Classified Project - 'Subculture' (District)
Infernal Machine - 'Realistic' (Sadie)
Infernal Machine - 'Losin' control (Sadie)
Twice as Nice - Overture (HS)
Twice as Nice - Full speed ahead (HS)

Epsylon 9 - Evolution of time (Forbidden Planet, Classified project remix)
Sightdraft - 'Intern' (EC Records, Coming Soon Remix)
Viridian - Sunhump (Forbidden Planet, Classified project remix)
Tonuri - 'Take me'(Blue Dye Records, Coming Soon remix)
Tonuri - 'Try to get' (After Midnight, Coming Soon remix)

For more information please visit <a href=http://www.berryvangardingen.nl target=_blank>www.berryvangardingen.nl</a>

Trance.Nu would like to thank Berry van Gardingen and Nic Vegter for their co-operation, and wish them the best of luck in the future!

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