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Thursday 23rd, January 2003

“Mad, crazy, music junkies” are just a few words producers, Dirk Nothroff and David Rzenno, use to describe themselves. Apt when you consider they’re behind unparalleled hard trance act, Überdruck. The duo are responsible for some of the most dancefloor devastating tracks of recent, with productions like ‘Now Or Never’, ‘Drugface’ and ‘Bloody Slut’ as well as remixes of Fallout Boy ‘Halluzination Generation’, Rayden ‘I Know You’re Waiting’, Organ Donors ‘Bad Karma’ and ‘Radio Waves’ and Soundgrabber ‘Acid Fighter’.

Dirk started DJing 18-years ago and has been producing his blend of “hard style and hard trance” for four now. Over the last two, Überdruck have really made their mark on the European hard trance front, skilfully merging the hard dance and trance genres, and receiving utmost admiration for it. A sound Dirk describes as “Unique and fresh. We are always looking for new sounds. I love to hear crazy electronic sounds and music,” he explains, “and love to play in front of a good crowd.”

Dirk started producing with an old Atari St computer and an Asr sampler, to help learn production. “My first productions were more trance and dance tracks,” Dirk reveals. “But we now use more and more software in the studio. There are some unbelievable machines out at the moment. The main thing is out Steinberg sequencer and a big Creamware soundcard with synthesisers. We use a 2,4er CPU computer with any software synthesisers. We have found a good mixture of hardware and software.”

The Überdruck duo hail from Germany, the origin of other leading hard trance acts like Kai Tracid and Scot Project. “Both are very good producers,” admits Dirk, “but Tracid Traxx is starting to get too commercial over the last year. Überdruck are always searching for experiments and new ways of pushing our sound. Always forward! Never backwards!” Many leading labels across Europe seem to be jumping on the commercial bandwagon right now and Dirk shares strong words on Germany falling to the same trend. “The club scene is not so big at the moment here. There is too much cheesy commercial trance from every major company. The German companies only spend time buying and selling out unique sounds. But they do nothing for the scene to build a new sound or style. We have too many shit shows on the TV, like ‘Popstars’ and ‘Superstars’. This stuff just kills club music!”

And to those out there interested in producing hard trance, “produce your own style and produce what you like,” advises Dirk. “Don’t copy other styles too much, the scene needs new inspirations and productions to live on. Don’t just look for the money. Have fun and do what you believe in…”

In 2001 the double act launched their self-titled label, Überdruck, in order to express their music style independently from others. The label has already been home to tracks like their own ‘Now Or Never’, Schalldruck ‘Turntable Junkie’ and Adam & Glund ‘Bass Core’ to name a few and Dirk promises more in the future. “We have started to release good friends of our on Überdruck and have some good cooperation’s in the pipeline. I always get good productions sent to me.” The next release, Überdruck 11, will be Mad Creatures ‘Circle of Darkness’; a collaboration between DJ Shredda and DJ The Crow. Following that will be a picture vinyl of Drugface ‘Cunt Master’ with new remixes from DJ The Crow and DJ Shredda. And later in the year listeners can expect new tracks from DJ The Crow, Toolboy and Überdruck.

The latest Drugface single ‘Fat As Fuck’ is out on Bulletproof at the end January. The track was originally branded under the Überdruck guise, but later signed as the follow up to the first Drugface single ‘Cunt Master’. “When we finished the ‘Fat As Fuck’ track we had finished the last Überdruck single ‘Bloody Slut’. I didn’t like to publish too many releases in such a short time on my label, so I sent the track to Kieran at Alpha Magic (Bulletproof) and he liked it and wanted to sign the track and put out the project. I licensed the Drugface project to Alpha Magic and we’ve started on it as a long term project – that’s the deal.”

On the remix front the pair have just completed a new Überdruck remix for Bulletproof and Dirk assures more on the horizon. “We have many enquiries at the moment, from around the world,” he reveals, “I prefer to do remixes for the people that have supported me since the beginning and we don’t like to do too many remixes. We would like to give our best in a remix.”

The new single ‘Fat As Fuck’ is out 31 January 2003 on Bulletproof. Read the single review <A HREF=http://trance.nu/v3/review_show.php?id=510>here</A>.

Many thanks to Dirk for his time, and also shout outs to Gareth for arranging the interview.

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