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Tuesday 05th, August 2008
At The Pub With...Menno de Jong
Updated: Wednesday 03rd, September 2008

: This month we're courting a neck-strain by nipping out for a Gin & Juice (or similar) with the towering edifice of a DJ that is Mr Menno de Jong. Just recently throwing off the shackles of student-dom (only now would you believe!), Menno is ready to do what we all thought he'd been doing all along and throw himself into the music full-time!

So after all your hard, book-ish toil, what can we get you in terms of refreshment?

Vodka-Roosvicee-Sprite please! Roosvicee is this typical Dutch fruit drink for kids, but also works well to make a badass Vodka mixer (just in case you didn’t know!).

Without using either the words ‘Wars’ or ‘Star’, name your favorite movie?

My favorite comedy would have to be 'Kevin & Perry Go Large'. It's the funniest movie about 2 young DJ/Producers trying to make it big in Ibiza, in the most totally ridiculous way imaginable. One of the two teenagers is actually played by a middle-aged woman… rather convincingly!

My favorite serious movie is 'Donnie Darko'. It's the kind of movie that makes you think; lots of strange stuff happens and its got an open ending that leaves you completely bedazzled. There's a lot of interesting theories about the true meaning of the movie on the internet that are worth checking out once you've seen it.

Talking movies: “Here’s Looking At You Kid”… What do you think the greatest film line ever is?

I’d go with “I look back and I'm amazed, that my thoughts were so clear and true; three words went through my mind endlessly, repeating themselves like a broken record: You're so cool, you're so cool, you're so cool... – As monologue-d by Alabama in Quentin Tarantino's "True Romance".

And what was the last film you saw?

Kung Fu Panda. Great stuff, but I can't seem to get the song 'Everybody was Kung-Fuuuu fiiiighting' out of my head!

Wakarimasu! What languages do you speak Mr De Jong?

Dutch, English, German and a bit of Spanish. Twee beers bitte, pronto!

Obviously being a Dutchy I know Dutch - most of us here know English too, but I picked it up in International schools as we lived abroad for a while, when I was a kid, and thus grew up bilingual. I learned how to speak German when we lived in Berlin for 4 years. The bit of Spanish I know I learned in High School and University.

You obviously a scholar and an intellectual, Sir! When you get some time off are you the backpacking round Tibet or a sun, sea & sand-type holidaymaker?

Definitely backpacking! Traveling the world, staying in youth hostels and backpackers places and meeting new people, experiencing crazy stuff. That's my kinda life! Although I do thoroughly enjoy hanging around Ibiza during the summer too.

Cool! So outside of the music game, who’s the most famous person you’ve met?

It's a tie between Prince Charles when I was in primary school and Kofi Anan when I was in secondary school. I got to meet Prince Charles as part of a welcome group from the Berlin British School when he came to visit Berlin, the idea was to have one child from every country in the school and I was the one to represent The Netherlands.

During High School I participated in Model United Nations, a conference where students get to act exactly like the real United Nations; representing countries in bodies such as the Security Council and ICJ. During one of these conferences Kofi Anan was a guest speaker at the opening ceremony and on his way into the building I got to shake his hand.

Who should be the next President of the United States?

Definitely Barack Obama; he's a born leader, has charisma, knows what he is doing (unlike some other presidents we all know). I hope the democrats rock the vote!

What brand & size of trainers do you buy?

Anything cool that comes in a size ‘massive’! Being 2.04m (6"cool tall means you need something big under your legs to keep you from falling over! My shoe size is 48.5 (US 14).

… And what item of clothing can you not live without?

Well, it kinda falls under accessories more than clothing: My watch, I'm always wearing it. When you run a record label, promote events, produce, tour the world as a DJ and try to salvage what's left of your personal life in the remaining time; every minute counts!

What is the best bit of non-musical gadgetry you own?

I have this implement that you can use to scratch your own back. Doesn't it feel great to finally reach that spot right in the middle? Uhhhhh, Urrrgh, ahhhhhhhh!

What was the last thing that made you proud, Menno?

Well I graduated from university several weeks ago. I’ve finally got that behind me so that I can go into music full-time from now on!

Our Toast ala’ Baked Beans question: what’s your signature dish ‘dans’ the kitchen!?

I've recently impressed some of my friends with my sushi skills. But personally I think they will never beat my badass burritos!

What’s your country’s greatest sporting moment or glory?

Well it was supposed to be this years' football Eurocup. *Sigh*

The John Cleese question (pka ‘The Mike Myers Question):
Who makes you laugh?

Achmed the Terrorist. I kill you! You might want to surf over to YouTube and search for Jeff Dunham if you don't know what I'm talking about here.

Video game maniac or do you prefer life in the real world?

Until the age of 15 I was really big on video games, but somehow I completely left them behind from after that. Real life is just so much more of an experience, and I already spend enough time behind my Mac in the studio to qualify as a geek!

What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten?

It was actually disgusting as such but rather quite tasty. It was the preparation that rather odd: I was in a restaurant in China before a gig, where the tables had round pans of cooking soup in the middle. The trick was to put a piece of meat or vegetable on a long fork-like stick and cook it in there yourself. At some point they showed up with a big plate of shrimps on sticks that were still alive! That's really taking 'fresh' to the max, killing live shrimp on a stick in boiling soup.

And what’s your favorite pizza & favorite ice cream?

Tony's spicy salami oven pizza from Aldi and Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk are hard to beat!

Little Green Men… Complete nonsense or ‘Oh yeah! I Believe…’?

I believe there's something out there. With the vast numbers of stars and galaxies in the universe there must be something! Perhaps one day we'll have a big rave in outer space with funky little green men that do a native dance in the dark with glow sticks. Although that seems to be quite the feasible scenario on our own planet too.

Many thanks Menno! So please plug your latest single/album/comp or gig here in 50 words or less! You've earn't it!

I recently did a track with Mark Otten called Mad World. It's just now been released and features a banging Marcus Schossow Remix. It's a bit deeper than my usual stuff but features a really interesting and mysterious melody! Check it out!
Other than that, I will be releasing Intuition Sessions Volume 2 in November, the second part in the Mix Compilation series I launched last year.

Written by:
Tim Stark

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