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Thursday 01st, May 2008
At the pub with Gareth Emery
Updated: Saturday 19th, July 2008

: In a new series of Trance.nu interviews, Tim Stark gets to know the personality behind the DJ - pitching some ‘pub-chat’ questions at a new Spinner every month! This month we’re pouring the drinks for leading UK light… Mr Gareth Emery.

In a new series of Trance.nu interviews, Tim Stark gets to know the personality behind the DJ - pitching some ‘pub-chat’ questions at a new Spinner every month! This month we’re pouring the drinks for leading UK light… Mr Gareth Emery.

1. Welcome to Bar Trance.nu, Sir! What are you drinking?

A pint of nice lager, or a glass of chilled white wine if the bar is serving food as well. Unless its the middle of the day, in which case itll be a large Diet Coke.

2. So whats your countrys greatest sporting moment or glory then?

The two recent Welsh Grand Slams in 2008 and 2005 were both fantastic and also relatively fresh in the memory.

3. What is the best bit of non-musical gadgetry you own?

Non-musical? God, thats a tough one. Probably my MacBook Pro. Its not strictly non-musical but its great. I was a PC devotee but being in music and having people continually tell me how good Macs were, when my last IBM packed up, I decided to have a go and wow the difference has been staggering. My computing life is just so much more hassle free, its amazing how easy and simple everything is. I only use it as an office computer though, my studio machine is still a PC eventually I plan to go Mac there as well but its a big, big switchover than will invariably bring a lot of downtime, so Im waiting for the right time.

4. What television show cant you go a week without watching?

Hollyoaks. Its far from my favourite, but its on every day, its good and its full of fit birds, so its unlikely Ill go a whole week without watching an episode. Shows I never miss when theyre in season include Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares, The Apprentice, and 24.

5. Whats the most disgusting thing youve ever eaten?

Some people are a bit appalled with I tell them Ive enjoyed basashi (Japanese raw horse sashimi dish) a few times, but its actually quite good. The worst was probably a dodgy Chinese stir-fry in Taiwan a few weeks ago. I was puking up for two days afterwards and had to play my set to 4,000 people with a sick bucket next to me. It was quite funny Ronski was on before me, and it was the first time wed met he gave me a big hug behind the decks and as I was feeling quite fragile I was very nearly sick all over him. That wouldnt have been a great first impression.

6. Without using either the words 'Wars' or 'Star', name your favourite movie?

My current unordered Top 5 looks like this: American Graffiti, Lock Stock and Two Smoking
Barrels, Its A Wonderful Life, In The Name Of The Father, Lost In Translation.

7. Whats your favourite non-music orientated website?

This is a bit sad, but www.flyertalk.com, a community full of the biggest flying experts / nerds youll ever meet. Its a very geeky and at first seems like its written in code. For instance, youll see a post that says On 25 tomorrow LHR-HKG, W fare, used MFU to U/G to CW. Should I use OLCI at T-24 for the best shot at 62A/K on the 747 UD?. At first it seemed like a foreign language, but now I understand most of it, and its been massively useful in helping me to blag numerous upgrades, free flights and great deals over the years, so I usually check it daily to see what the latest tricks are. Oh, and Facebook of course.

8. What item of clothing can you not live without?

Probably a beige Nicole Farhi jacket that can be spotted in numerous photographs of me. Its lovely and warm and comfortable so you just dont want to take it off my girlfriend goes a bit crazy at me for wearing it around the house.

9. Whats the worst fashion crime youve ever committed?

God, there were loads, all in the cyber-trance era circa 1998-2001-ish. Bright white rock-hard spiked hair with yellow UV paint on the top of each spike? Horrible red white and blue trainers which were more akin to tanks than footwear with all manner of spikes and attachments? Sundissential themed dummy (no, I never actually used it)? Um, take your pick. Or not.

10. What and where was the best after-show party youve been to?

There have been absolutely loads, but once that stands out was a party me and Lange went to after a gig in Derry, Northern Ireland. There wasnt anything out of the ordinary about it, but we ended up at a brilliant house party after the gig, ending up DJing there, got hammered, met some girls, and very nearly missed our flight home. What was funniest was that Pulser and Steve Thrillseekers were due to play for the same promoters a few weeks later, and Id been telling Pulser what a great night was in store for them and the mayhem they should prepare for... yet for their gig, the promoters vanished straight afterwards without paying them and left them stranded and unable to get back to the airport. Pulser was like Yeah Gaz, great night, cheers.

11. Music aside, what do you obsess over?

Er, everything. Flights, health, loads of other things. Although Im pretty outgoing and probably come across as fairly laid back (I think!) Im actually quite obsessive / neurotic which I think can be applied to lots of record producers. Making dance music requires a kind of obsessive perfectionism, never being satisfied, and also requires you to spend a lot of time in a small room, usually on your own. It probably figures that if you obsess about little things like the tuning of a hi-hat or the amount of sub on a bassline, youll probably also obsess about various other things in your life.

12. Whats your most embarrassing moment (and spare us no details!)?

This is a good one but Ill leave the names out. Arriving at an airport for an international gig a few years back, I ran into a fairly well-known dance producer, whose productions I rather like. Anyway, it was the first time wed met, and he seemed a really nice guy, so we had a bit of a chat about music, people we knew, the usual stuff, and he told me hed just remixed one of my new records. My response was Great, well Im glad youve remixed it as well, because the label just sent me the first remix of it yesterday, and its a sack of shit, to which he responded Er, that was the mix I was referring to I engineered it, it just doesnt have my name on it. Humiliatingly embarrassing. In the end he probably got the last laugh because his remix went on to be bigger than the original, and I decided in time that I rather liked it too.

13. What was the first, last & best concert youve been to?

The first was Kula Shaker, Southampton Guildhall, probably about 1996. The last was the Killers, Brixton Academy, November 2006, their first appearance in the UK since they really exploded apart from Glastonbury. That was probably also the best, tied with Shed Seven, also at Brixton Academy, 1997.

14. Wakarimasu! What languages do you speak?

English only unfortunately. I hate the fact that I can only speak one language yet are surrounded by multi-lingual people all the time, so me and my girlfriend were thinking of taking up a language, we just cant decide what. Being in this area of music, Dutch would probably be a good one, but most people that speak Dutch also speak English brilliantly, probably better than wed ever get at Dutch, so would there be any point?

15. What brand of trainers do you buy?

Whatevers comfortable really. At present Ive got somewhat fucked flat feet which I am told is probably due to years of doing too much running without decent footwear, so right now I tend to just look towards whatevers the most comfy and supportive, which unfortunately means overlooking some of the cool trainers Ive love to wear, but would invariably leave me in severe pain after standing up DJing in the them for three hours. When I can wear good ones again, Ill let you know.

16. Who should be the next president of the United States?

Obama or Clinton, but I cant call it between them as theyre both with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Probably Obama as he seems to have the momentum at present and more x-factor, but the main worry for me is that the Democrats are getting so subverted by their internal battle for the candidacy that theyre letting McCain build up momentum and start looking increasing presidential. Its possible the ongoing battle to
secure the Democrat nomination might let him in, which would be a disaster. Still, anyones better than Bush

17. Whats your dream car and what colour are you getting it in?

Easy. Audi R8 in silver.

18. Youre getting your hair cut. Are you at Toni & Guy or Bob the Barbers?

Toni & Guy. I dont even rate them that much and would rather a quality independent, but theyre decent enough, usually do a reasonable job, and are in every town so I invariably end up going there.

19. Are you the backpacking round Tibet or a sun, sea & sand-type holidaymaker?

Er, not backpacking, definitely. Im not really a beach type either. Im the first to appreciate a bit of culture, just as long as I can slink back to my five star hotel afterwards. As much as Id love to sell myself as a rugged, backpacking type, the amount of travelling I do in the line of duty means I end up being in a permanent state of being a bit jaded about the whole thing, so its comfort and convenience all the way.

20. Plug your latest single/album/comp or gig here in 50 words or less!

The Podcast Annual 2007, its great, go buy it, yadda yadda.

Written by:
Tim Stark

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