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Friday 19th, August 2005
Astrix Interview

Astrix is one of the first of the nu-breed of psy trance producers to break out of the psy scene and emerge as one of trance music’s brightest new hopes. If you’ve not heard of him yet, it is only a matter of time before his unique full-on trance sound sucks you in and converts you!

Astrix AKA Avi Shmailov’s 2002 debut ‘Eye To Eye’ (HOMmega) marked his arrival on the psy trance scene and saw Astrix embark on what has since been a non-stop global tour performing at massive parties and international festivals alike, always raising the roof with his unique sound and style. His UK live performance started at London underground venues such as the Tyssen St (1,000 cap) and Stratford Rex (1,500 cap) from their with his reputation gathering pace as he was asked to compile his first UK compilation ‘Nu Clear Visions Of Israel’ through legendary UK label TIP World, now considered a classic. Following this he went on to sell out shows at SEone (3,000 cap) Brixton Academy (4,500 cap) and Alexandra Palace (7,500 cap) at the end of last year which marked the launch of his second artist album ‘Artcore’

2005 has already seen Astrix headline the massive ‘Psychedelic Academy’ at Brixton Academy aswell as mix an album of the same name. His studio work has seen him working with UK DJ & Producer John 00 Fleming and following his mind blowing live set at the Psychedelic Academy Astrix has just been added to the already star studded South West Four Line up…

TNU: 2005 seems to be shaping up to be quite a year for you. Here in the UK you’ve headlined the massive Psychedelic Academy at Brixton Academy, mixed a hugely successful album of the same name, been asked to perform at the South West Four festival alongside some of the biggest DJs on the scene and that’s not to mention the numerous parties and festivals you’ve either headlined or are headlining around the globe this year… How do you feel about this and did you ever expect to be doing so well when you’ve first started producing?

Astrix: I feel that 2005 is the year that I get to make a change. When I started to make music, I promised myself that if I would become successful and I will use all my power and reputation to push trance to the next level. 2005 has given me the biggest stages and the biggest projects that enable me to try and fulfil this mission by producing the best music for as many people as possible.

TNU: What has been the highlight of your year so far?

Astrix: The highlight for me was being asked to compile a trance compilation for a UK label. Working on "Psychedelic Academy" and headlining the Brixton Academy launch of it made me feel very excited as I hold a special place in my career for UK achievements. I feel that my involvement in this project has jump-started my profile in the UK and I hope that I will be doing more of those in the near and far future.

TNU: Your addition to the South West Four festival line up will come as a surprise to many, especially those involved in the psy trance scene. What have you got planned for this event and as it’s a fairly ‘commercial’ line up, will you be tailoring your set to suit the party?

Astrix: I believe that I was added to the line up of the festival because of my music. With this in mind, I intend to play my regular line of music and not a tailored set. After all, I am doing a live show and not a DJ set and it has to reflect my style and not any other.

TNU: You’ve been in the studio with John 00 Fleming, who’s been instrumental in pushing the psy trance sound here in the UK, if you had the opportunity who would your dream collaborator be? (please explain a little about your answer).

Astrix: I would very much like to make a collaboration track with Paul Van Dyk because I like his own music productions and his sets. His music reminds me the "hall of fame" of the trance hits that I grew on and is quite similar to things that I am doing today only with a different choice of sounds.

TNU: You’ve been given the go ahead to put on your own festival, who would be your headline artists?

Astrix My dream festival would be at the pyramids of Egypt with a dream line up of
Juno Reactor, Hallucinogen/Shpongle, Infected Mushroom, Sub6, John 00 Fleming, John Digweed, Paul van Dyk, Christopher Lawrence and on top of that I would like to have a live concert of Linkin Park happy

TNU: Who are the hot up and coming trance artists out there we should be looking out for?

Astrix As far as new comers, I think that the Israeli duo, X-noiZe, are one of the hottest things to come out of Israel lately. More than that, I have a very big respect for the new style of psy music developed by the Israeli band Psy Craft and by the Dutch producer Shanti Matkin.

TNU: What would you be doing if you weren’t making trance?

Astrix: I am into music since the age of 13. If I wouldn't be making music I think I would still be doing something connected to music like DJ'ing or running a label since music is my life.

TNU: Astrix and Friends is a concept you’re about to start in the UK… can you tell us a bit more about this?

Astrix: Astrix & friends is my way to showcase other talents that I believe in their music. Every time I will invite 2 acts to play with me and to be a part of this vision
where I get to support artists in the most positive way by giving them stage.
One act will always be a new talent and the 2nd will be an act that I grew on and I am a fan of their music.

TNU: Is there a new album in the pipeline, if so are there any interesting collaborative projects planned?

Astrix: I am now working on my 3rd album which will be released by my label, HOMmega in 2006. It will be a double CD where one side will be pure psychedelic trance and the other CD will be featuring the more commercial side of Astrix where I have a go at contemporary electronic dance music like club trax, break-beat and soft Chill out.

TNU: Finally, who are you looking forward to seeing at the South West Four Festival?

Astrix Being able to attend the South West festival is one of the best things to happen to me this summer. Professionally i am really looking forward to hear the sets of John Digweed (I adore his 'deepness') and also Carl Cox who I've never heard him before and on a personal note, I am waiting to hear the set of my UK buddy, John 00 Fleming, who is doing a great job by pushing Psy into the club scene).

Thanks Astrix!

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