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Wednesday 30th, November -0001
Angy dee (Angelica Fravi)

Angelica Fravi, 18 years old and already a dj star. Trance.nu's John Friggs sits down and talks with her about life, the future and ofcource trance.

Questions: What is you favourite food?

Answer: Lobster with spaghetti

Question: What is your favourite drink?

Answer: Sprite

Question: The druguse on the trance- and club
scene seemes to increase constantly. What is your
thought about this?

Answer: I think it is a pitty.. but people
who are taking drugs should be enough responsible
to know what they do. Personally I think that the
trance-music is drug enough and that there is absolutely
no need in taking additional substances.

Question: How has your life changed after recieving
fame after the Djane Quest winning and the Goliath
7 album?

Answer: It has become busy but in a good why.
I have a lot of chances to do what I love to do, mixing.
Therefore I accept the sometimes stressful days. What
makes it especially tough is the fact that I'm still
working 100% and have to finish my teaching next to
my career as a DJ! But both things are important for
me as I never know what's going on tomorrow ...

Question: If you could be an animal instead
of human, which one would you rather be?

Answer: A monkey happy

Question: Are there any DJs or groups you look
up to?

Answer: Lady Tom, DJ Tatana, DJ Pure, Paul
van Dyk, Mauro Picotto, Madonna, Ricky Martin

Question: How and why did you come up with
your artist name "Angy Dee"?

Answer: When I started my name was "White Angel",
but a lot of my friends thought that this name wasn't
that good. So I changed into Angy Dee

Question: Between the bookings you probably
have a normal life. What do you do during the weeks?

Answer: I started my teaching as a commercial
clerk 18 months ago and it will take me another 18
months to finish it, if everythings works fine...
keep your fingers crossed.

Question: If you could play at any club or
event, which one would it be?

Answer: Mayday, Energy

Question: Does mixing compilations make you

Answer: I do not know yet....

Question: What is your favourite tune?

Answer: Mauro Picotto - Proximus

Question: What is your next project?

Answer: There is nothing sure until now, but
there are plans for another mix-compilation in spring
2001 and my album beginning of summer 2001. Next to
some vinyl releases.. You will know it first happy

Question: What is number 1 on you wish list
for christmas?

Answer: My wish is a case for my many records
but with wheels and my name printed on it...

Question: Where do you live? (I understand
there are different parts of .ch)

Answer: In the Ticino, which is the italian
(and the sunny) part of Switzerland

Question: What other interests then music do
you have?

Answer: Fitness, at least I'd like to do it
on a regular base again. Dancing.

Question: I'm going to Switzerland next summer.
When I get there can I buy you lunch or dinner or
something? happy

Answer: Dinner.. you know my favourite food
now... lobster and spaghetti happy

Fast questions

name: Angelica Fravi

Age: 18

Marital status: dating

Colour of hair & eyes: hair brown - dark brown

Length: 1.74 m

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