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Sunday 06th, June 2010
Aly & Fila "Rising Sun" Interview
Updated: Monday 07th, June 2010

Aly & Fila sit down for an interview with Trance.nu to discuss their new album "Rising Sun", their label and more. Take a look inside to learn more about the dynamic duo!

Aly El Sayed Amr Fathalla & Fadi Wassef Naguib, better known as Aly & Fila, are among today's most popular trance stars. Like many of us, they fell in love with trance music in the late 1990's with the works of Paul Van Dyk, Steve Helstrip and Chicane. Soon thereafter, they began to pursue an interest in production and DJing and from then on, the rest was history. Within the last few years their career has really taken off, with major gigs across the globe, the launch of Future Sound of Egypt and many successful single releases. After starting their music career over a decade ago, Aly & Fila have just released their first artist album, "Rising Sun", which is available to buy from Juno Records.

We recently sat down with Aly & Fila to talk about many aspects about the album as well as learn more about their label and their busy DJ schedule.

Trance.nu: Hi guys. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview! How are you?

Aly & Fila: No Problem, We are really well thanks, hope you all are also.

Trance.nu: Your debut album “Rising Sun" hits stores soon. How long have you been working on your album and what inspired the name?

Aly & Fila: We have been working on it for about a year. We called it Rising Sun because our project is a rising project and it also has a reference to Egypt. We wanted to take our time on our first album, and we are very pleased with the final product.

Trance.nu: What tracks have the most significance or importance to you? Why?

Aly & Fila: They are all as important as each other and all have their own meanings. We name some tracks after place we have played at, like Rosareis in Argentina - actually leaving for there again tomorrow which is great one week after release of the album and Medellin in Colombia, which we are going to again this summer.

Trance.nu: You display a range of new styles and sounds in the album, from chillout to progressive. Was it challenging to enter new genres and how do you think your fans will react?

Aly & Fila: We enjoyed it, we wanted to have some diversity on the album, so far the reactions have been overwhelming but there will also be mixes for any chillout stuff on the album. At the last two events over last few days at Pacha in Sharm el Sheik and Armada in Amsterdam, the crowds already knew the lyrics etc, which is such a cool feeling.

Trance.nu: What will be the first lead single off of the album?

The first lead single was My Mind with you feat Denise Rivera, the next single came out last week called Listening feat Josie. There are several mixes for Listening including Aurosonic, Philipe el Sisi and Brave and Extended mix.

Trance.nu: You worked with a number of producers and vocalists on “Rising Sun”. What made you choose those artists in particular?

Aly & Fila: We felt they were really suited to our ideas, there are so many amazing vocalists album out there, but when have 15 original tracks you can only use a handful. We are very lucky to have worked with Denise Rivera, Josie, Sue mc Claren, Katherine Crowe, Senadee, Jass on the album; they were all great to work with!

Trance.nu: Your label Future Sound of Egypt has really taken off! What inspired you to start this new label?

Aly & Fila: We wanted to give young inspiring producers the chance to release their music, we feel we have a great set of producers releasing on the label. We are constantly receiving demos all the time, it is really amazing to see how many talented producers are coming through, the future is bright for Trance.

Trance.nu: What do you have lined up on FSOE over the coming months?

Aly & Fila: We have plenty of tracks coming out from ourselves, Philippe el Sisi, Neptune Project, Bjorn akesson etc and also there will be some surprises along the way, to keep up to date with FSOE releases please visit www.fsoe-recordings.com and www.armadamusic.com.

Trance.nu: What artist(s) do you think are on the rise and will be the next big thing?

Aly & Fila: There are so many talented artists out there, we have high hopes for all the artists on our label from Philippe el Sisi, Brave, Neptune Project, Bjorn Akesson, Vast Vision etc, but not just from our label there are so many great producers coming through the ranks such as W&W and Myon & Shane 54, the list is endless.

Trance.nu: DJing takes you around the globe and occupies a lot of your time. How do you manage to balance producing, the label and DJing?

Aly & Fila: It’s a 24 hour a day job nearly, but we love it, we also have teams around us who help us a lot, of course it can be hard to find time to do normal things, but you learn in time to create a balance, but working hard and ambition drives us forward.

Trance.nu: What gigs are you looking forward to the most throughout the rest of the year? Any tours lined up in the near future?

Aly & Fila:We enjoy all gigs; each one is special in their own way. We enjoy festivals to club gigs to arena gigs, each country is different from the USA to South America, Asia to Europe and Australia. We recently went to India and people were crying against the wall next to dancefloor while we played, to touch people lives with our music is a feeling words can’t describe, the fans inspire us so much to work harder. We have also just started our world tour for the album which will take us to many countries, for updated tour dates please visit www.alyandfila.com.

Trance.nu: Thanks for taking the time for this interview! Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Aly & Fila: Thanks to everyone for your continued support, we hope you enjoy the album and hope to see you very soon in a country near you, massive thanks to Trance.nu!

Aly & Fila "Rising Sun"

1. Medellin (with Activa) 3:36
2. It Will Be Ok (featuring Katherine Crowe) 5:21
3. My Mind Is With You (featuring Denise Rivera) 6:58
4. Rosaires 6:37
5. Listening (featuring Josie) 3:38
6. Menes 5:18
7. Still (featuring Sue McLaren) 3:54
8. Perfect Red (with Bjorn Akesson) 4:09
9. I Can Hear You (with Sue McLaren) 5:03
10. Without You (The Never Knowing) (with Philippe El Sisi featuring Senadee) 5:27
11. Paradise (featuring Tiff Lacey) 5:09
12. Khepera 4:58
13. Sandgroper 5:15
14. Breeze (featuring Jass) 3:53
15. Rising Sun 5:12

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