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Thursday 07th, June 2007
Aly & Fila Interview

Aly & Fila are undoubtedly one of the biggest trance duos of 2007. Both born and bred in Egypt, their uplifting melodic anthems have conquered dancefloors and won the hearts of trance fans the world over. They scored a big hit a few years back with ‘Eye Of Horus’ that was picked up by Euphonic, which gave them their first break into Europe. In 2007 however they have really made their mark with numerous massive productions and remixes like ‘Ankh (Breath Of Life)’ and ‘Why?’ that have been hammered by all the top trance jocks. With the duo returning to UK shores after rocking the ASOT 300 party to storm Peach @ Heaven in London, trance.nu caught up with the duo for a chat.

t.nu: Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any other trance artists from Egypt. How did you get into dance music and especially trance?

A&F: Well, Trance was so big in Egypt from 1999 till 2002 or something like that. We used to ask anyone travelling to Europe to buy for us new CDs and records, because it was impossible to buy it in Egypt and at that time there were no digital stores etc…

t.nu: When did you first start producing and DJing and what came first?

A&F: Well we started 10 years ago with DJing and producing some experimental material, we did many tracks until we came up with Eye of Horus which we decided to try to sign it.

t.nu: How easy was it to access dance music in Egypt and what is the clubbing scene like?

A&F: Like I said before trance was really big in Egypt from 1999 till 2002 then the curve went down since then. But we are trying our best to bring it back with the support of many Egyptian Trance lovers. Back to your question! It wasn’t easy to access the dance music in Egypt because at the beginning no one wanted to support our ideas and vision but by time more people believed in us and we were able to build our name in Egypt.

t.nu: What drew you to trance over all other genres?

A&F We respect all other genres and we are planning to show other genres in our productions too, but Melodic Trance is what we fell in love with since we started.

t.nu: Who were your inspirations?

A&F: Paul Van Dyk, Chicane, Steve Helstrip.

t.nu: All your track names have an Egyptian theme, do you feel a strong bond with your countries history?

A&F: Yeah sure. We are proud of being Egyptians!

t.nu: Do you still live in Egypt?

A&F Well Aly is living in Egypt and me, I’m living at the moment in London, but I will be back to Egypt very soon. I think I will never live in one place I will be mostly living in Egypt and moving to Europe.

t.nu: Your first release, Eye Of Horus, was a big underground trance hit, was signed to Euphonic and is still much loved by many trance fans. What was it like achieving such success so early on?

A&F: It was a great surprise for us, also it gave us this push to do more and more.

t.nu: After going quiet for a while there seems to be no stopping you guys at the moment! Many trance fans are calling you the ‘best producers of 2007’. What is the reason for this sudden surge in production output?

A&F: Last one year and a half, we were just producing. Nothing else! Upgrading our studios and I’m really happy of the output of our hard work.

t.nu: You recently played at Armin van Buuren’s ASOT 300 party what was that like?

t.nu: Simply amazing!!! I was the first one to play, and the tent was empty, then after I began, they opened the doors and bang!! 4000 people in front of me. Hope there will be more parties like this one.

t.nu: Your sets are made up almost exclusively of your own productions. Why is that? Is it to create your own individual sound or are there simply no other records out there that fit?

A&F: No, no, no! I play other people records, I only did it once in ASOT 300 as it was the best chance to market my music and I was happy of the feedback I got from the crowd in front of me. But in my shows 'Future Sound Of Egypt' and 'Spiritual Moment' and in my live sets I always play other people records. These days we have so many good artists and I m always trying to support all the upcoming artists.

t.nu: You are playing at Gatecrasher and Peach at the end of the month and have played at my home city of Brighton recently, how do you find the British crowds respond to your form of trance?

A&F: Well it was a very nice club with cool atmosphere and I think the British crowd liked it!

t.nu: What is your favourite country to play in?

A&F: Loved Sweden as well as Holland.

t.nu: What upcoming productions to have lined up?

A&F: We just finished a new track with our friends Frodo and Jahala called : Aly & Fila vs. FKN feat. Jahala – 'How Long?' It’s already getting good feedback, more info to come soon about the release. Also working at the moment on another track with Elsa Hill as well as the follow up of 'Ankh'/'Uraeus' which is on the way.

t.nu: You’ve achieved a lot over the last year, where do you see yourselves going from here?

A&F: God knows! We are doing our best.

t.nu: Tiësto has recently confessed that he would love to do a Jean Michelle Jarre style concert at the Pyramids. If you were asked to support him, what would you say?

A&F Will support him for sure - give him my cell number hehe! No really, I would love to see that happen. I'm sure this event would be sold out from the first week, and I'm sure many clubbers from all over the world would love to come to this concert.

t.nu: Thanks for your time guys!

A&F: Thank you for this interview. Trance.nu rocks!

Aly & Fila.

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