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Friday 05th, March 2004
Airwave Interview 2004

"Laurent Vťronnez aka (DJ) Airwave lived in Brussels until he was 20 years young, experimenting with computers and sysnthesizers at his home. After sending his first demo to Lightning Records Ė the original home of the infamous BonzaÔ label -, he became one of the main artists of the new age in electronic music. After the first small successes with PLG, North Pole, Montera and Magnetix, he had his first breakthrough with the first release of Fire & Ice, produced together with DJ Fire. He decided to move to Antwerp so he could concentrate more on his productional work. The first results were new releases for Fire & Ice, Planisphere and Meridian Now a new era is born, after the disappearance of his main label home Lightning Records, he is back more than ever as being a co-owner and A & R for Banshee Worx, the newly formed record label together with DJ/producer star Yves Deruyter and Fly (owner of BonzaÔ) and Marnik (A & R + international from the former Lightning Records). His first release through the renewed BonzaÔ was ďWhen Things Go WrongĒ, part of the original album ďBelieveĒ. Now one year later after the disappearance of Lightning Records, his album is available again in a new adapted version containing the original album version and a 2nd CD containing unreleased tracks and mixes." as taken from http://www.bonzaimusic.com We asked Laurent questions about the re-release and ofcourse other mysterious projects he's working on. Essential read.

Trance.nu: Hello Laurent, congratulations with the re-release of your album. Can you tell us something about the differences between the original release and this re-release?
Laurent: Yo. Itís a pleasure. Thanks for the massive support anyways. When the album got released last year, my record company was in trouble, as many companies were. Thatís why we havenít been able to make a decent distribution.

When we got back, Marnik suggested we release the record again, with a different tracklist. We finally agreed on the idea of making a 2cd version with unreleased material. My house is full of that stuff in fact. About 30 other tracks have never seen the light of day. For some reason, some wonít ever. I picked the best ones I had for the second cd, and Iím very proud of this new edition.

Trance.nu: What can we expect of the new tracks like Seattle Calling, Boredom, Run, Last Flight To Gaia?
Laurent: Seattle calling is a collaboration between myself and one of my best friends from the US, Caesar Filori aka the Pedestrian. Itís a beautiful track combining progressive, trance, and beautiful guitar riffs played by Caesar.

Boredom is one of those tracks you donít know what to do with. I made it in 2000 and I have pulled it from the album as I had tons of other stuff. I had to make choices, but this track is definitely something to check out. The good old pumping airwave sound with still some place for trancey atmospheres.

Trance.nu: Can you tell us who ďThe PedestrianĒ is that is featured on the new track Seattle Calling?
Laurent: The man is also behind pop-rock bands called Wideband Network and psykosonik. I invited him last year inorder to work with him. The result is this track. He is one of my best friends despite the ocean between us. I canít wait to get him back in Belgium to work on another track. I have seen few people being able to produce tracks the way he does. A true genius IMHO.

Trance.nu: This release is in a limited DVD box. Why?
Laurent: We went for the dvd box as I personally hate the plastic boxes that break in 20 seconds after you buy the record. I think all music cdís should be in this kind of package as itís larger and longer. As no one is doing it at the moment, itís a very good marketing idea.

Trance.nu: You didnt use any vocals on the first CD, why not? And can we expect some more vocal tracks from you in the future?
Laurent: Airwave is NOT a vocal project basically. Back in that time of the first release, I thought it was a way better idea to keep airwave instrumental. Itís a project for clubs and trance people, itís no cheese, despite being commercial enough for a cd-release.
I keep vocals for other projects. There is enough room in my project list for that.

Iím right now working on something quite different. LŰ is the project name. As many people know, I love a specific kind of pop music. I will do the lyrics, the production, and the vocals on that one. But at this time itís a little early to talk about it in full.

Trance.nu: The first release of the album was quite hard to find. Will the distribution be better this time? How can people order the album? And is there a release in other countries planned?
Laurent: This second release will be distributed by NEWS, a specialized distributor for all kinds of dance music. Iím sure they will be way better than the previous distribution. People will be able to buy the album on the bonzaimusic site as well, but I think this time the album will stand in the racks, at least in Belgium.

Trance.nu: You are DJíing as well. Will u perform in some countries for album promotion?
Laurent: In april, I will be in Montreal for a party, and there are several dates planned. Despite theyíre not really specific promo gigs, those ones will give me the chance to defend what Iíve done in front of the audience. Itís the most important thing.

Trance.nu: Airwave always has been one of your strongest aliases. Will there be vinyls released of this album, after the succes of WTGW and Ladyblue?
Laurent: Oh yeah, youíd better check my website about that. In fact weíre gonna release unheard material on several vinyls, many of those tracks are not on the album either. I think this is a great idea.

Trance.nu: You also made a pop-album. How did you get the idea to make this? And you are singing it all by yourself, have u been singing before?
Laurent: Well, well, well. I canít tell you a lot at the moment, as Iím still producing the record. I have something like 11 tracks at this moment. I give them some updates when I have the time.

The idea came when I made my very first track in that genre, a year ago. I suck at writing english lyrics, so I did go for french.

Normally I was going for just one track. And I donít think I can really sing myself. This is a new challenge for me, and I m trying to prove myself I can do that too.
But to make things clear, itís not my full priority, and Iím not trying to be a pop star. I had things to tell, I felt some need to put that into music. Thatís how it happened. And itís a totally different sound for each track, which I like when listening to an album.

If you need a description, well, try to imagine a combination between some jxl, some peter gabriel, and put french lyrics on it.

Trance.nu: And how about the other aliases, are u going to take even more aliases or will u focus more on your own aliases?
Laurent: Now, I think itís about time to work a lot more with the existing project names. Cape town, Lolo, planisphere, The Green Martian and co are top priorities for me at this moment.

Trance.nu: Your latest collaboration under the Sciabada disguise was a huge track. Any more collaborations planned?
Laurent: Sciabada? Wasnít it Antidote, together with marnix B?

Trance.nu: *blushes* uuh yep, thats what I meant!
Laurent: Lol, oh yeah that one is great. Iíll soon release a record I made with Dj Vincenzo from Holland. The project name is Yamakasi. A fantastic record!!! Others will follow soon!

Trance.nu: What are your next upcoming tracks we should watch out for? We saw a new Fire & Ice trackÖ can u tell us more about other tracks/alias in the coming months?
Laurent: Well Yamakasi, a new Cape town, the Airwave exclusive vinyls in a couple of months, a new Lolo Iím finishing right now, new remixes for Wideband Network, and of course the rest will follow quite fast. Big surprises are on the way.

Trance.nu: You have your own forum at http://www.bonzaimusic.nu . Do you check it often and what are we able to do there?
Laurent: I check it every single day spent behind my computer!!!! Itís very important to stay tuned to what people think!! All people can send me messages there, I also reply, not all the time, but still I do my best. Everyone is welcome on the forum.

Trance.nu: Which track is your masterpiece since u started producing?
Laurent: Mmmmh. Very good question. I love all of my stuff. I canít choose between all the things Iíve done. Itís too hard!!! Joking!

Trance.nu: Can you tell us about your DJíing. What does a DJ Airwave set sound like? Whatís hot in your vinylbox?
Laurent: Dj Airwave plays lots of his own stuff first. I describe the music as being a combination of trance techno, progressive, just the way I make music in fact. There is no difference! I play a lot of stuff from the US at this moment.

Trance.nu: What about future albums?
Laurent: I will soon begin on a new Airwave album. Should be done by april 2005. Regarding LŰ, I donít even know if it will be released ever. Weíre considering it.

Trance.nu: Any message for the fans out there?
Laurent: Yes, thanks to them, Iím still alive. The market crashed but weíre still there. The clubs got empty but we were still there. Itís because of them weíre still making records, for their ears only.

Trance.nu: Good luck in 2004 and with your new productions.
Laurent: Thanks a lot to you too!

Airwave official site: http://www.djairwave.com
Buy Album: http://www.bonzaimusic.com
Airwave forum: http://www.bonzaimusic.nu
Distribution: http://www.news.be

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