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Sunday 05th, February 2006
Airwave (2006)

It's early 2006 and your reporters Tim and Twan are in the car heading south to the country Belgium. Belgium is the home of Laurent Vťronnez, better known as Airwave, The Green Martian, Planisphere, Lolo and many other aliases. Reason for our long trip is to be one of the first people to check out the new album Trilogique, a three-disc journey which was just finished by Airwave and is set to be released this month on the Bonzai label. It's been quite some time since the last Airwave 'I Want To Believe' which was more or less a re-release of the debut album Believe. Trilogique should be the next step in the Airwave sound. We drive a couple of hours, while exchanging the latest developments and gossips in the industry (always a fun thing to do). Near Brussels we drive into the countryside and find the house, which is surrounded by great, quiet nature. Should be exactly the right environment for some cool new tunes. We are invited by Marnik (the A&R of Bonzai) and ofcourse Airwave himself to go to the studio and get an exclusive preview of the new album. After a brilliant 1,5 listening session, we are convinced we are dealing with a very nice album. We sat down with Airwave to discuss everything about the album, the future and the rest.. exclusive for Trance.nu!

Trance.nu: Hello DJ Airwave, how are you doing at the moment?
Airwave: Its going very well, I just moved to a new house near Bruxelles. I feel very happy, I have been very busy with my album the past months and itís finally ready now. Itís my dreamrecord!

Trance.nu: Itís been five years ago since the last Trance.nu interview. Do you think that the current music industry offers more or less chances then back in 2000?
Airwave: It depends. You can keep complaining about the crisis in the music industry. But you have to keep moving. You have to work with good people around you and have balls to come with new stuff on the market. You have to keep faith! The crisis in the music industry is in the peopleís minds.

Trance.nu: We are here in your studio and just checked some new tunes of your album. What can people expect from Trilogique?
Airwave: Something totally different. You will still recognize the Airwave sound, but divided in three discs/concepts. When I make music, I feel like Iím painting. For me the tracks are like little pictures in a bigger image. There are tracks that are two years old and some tunes I wrote three months ago. But as a whole the album sounds fresh and varied in style. I tried that with the first two albums, but with this record it feels like I have really succeeded/.

Trance.nu: Are there full tracks on the album or edits?
Airwave: All tunes on the three discs are mixed together to give the right impression to the listener. Disc one is melodic/melancholic, Disc two is more progressive house and ends with techno. The third disc is more chill-out.

Trance.nu: Track 11 on Disc One is a 14 minute long edit of When Things Go Wrong and Sunspot 2005. Can you explain us why you made it?
Airwave: I wanted to remix these tunes for a long time, because the original mixes donít fit in my sets anymore. It sounds good on the album, but you can also key- and beatmatch them together.

Trance.nu: There are collaborations on Trilogique with Markus Schulz, Jon O Bir and Ozgur Can. How was it to work with them?
Airwave: Markus came to my studio to do Angelica. I am very happy with the result. Markus is a great guy. You can also hear it on his album Without You Near. He came with his input to make a typical Airwave record. Within six hours we made the tune. I loved that. Jon O Bir and me made a demotrack two years ago, but the result wasnít totally satisfying. 18 months later I finished it and thatís why itís called The Promise I Made, because I kept him waiting so long. I finished it within 4 hours finally. With Ozgur Can, I worked it out through the internet, so this was the proof for me that itís possible to do an internet collaboration. I love it. I love to work with other producers, it gives a different sound. Through internet, you can take more time to produce a tune, then when someone is physically in the studio, so have less pressure.

Trance.nu: Will the tunes on Trilogique get a vinyl release?
Airwave: Yes, but I canít confirm yet which tunes. There will be vinyl samplers and singles with brand new versions of the tracks. The first single was Progressive Aggressive. Thereís loads of material on this album, itís difficult to decide.

Trance.nu: There are some weird titles on the album, how did you come up with them?
Airwave: Like Appletonz? Cause I used Logic from Apple and Ableton both as sequencer. It describes exactly what I do as a producer. Or CCCP Genius, a track on disc 3, that tune has a sound from a Theremin, one of the first synthesizers. Theremin was a guy from Russia, around 60/70 years ago when he made that synthesizer. Buzzer sounds like a buzzer in the lead track. Faux Semblant, de beat is a bit drum n bass, but the tune is more chill-out.

Trance.nu: Which track of the album do you like the most?
Airwave: I love them all ofcourse, itís my album, but the oneís that I especially love are Progressive Aggressive (because itís something really different, more electrance). I found it really something that presents myself as an artist. Also The Promise I Made is special. I was stuck with the track, but eventually, bang, it works! I love the result. People Just Donít Care is a tune I made by coincidence, which I made based on old tunes on my harddisk. I love Angelica, which I made with Markus Schulz, I am very happy with it. Also the co-operation with Antidote was amazing  But every tune and transition together is part of a bigger image, if you know what I mean.

Trance.nu: An artist you really admire is BT? Why do you like his style so much?
Airwave: He is a flexible artist. Also his works under movies like Under Suspicion, Monster, Fast and The Furious. Real movie music! His way of working is very symmetric. He is an example of a good producer for everybody. His way of working is beautiful. Also he has his own blog on myspace, I think thatís great, cause he talks with his audience like a normal person. BT has always been a normal guy. A great guy in general!

Trance.nu: On Trilogique, we can find progressive housetunes. Why this choice for different styles under Airwave?
Airwave: Listen to the album and you will find out it all fits to the name Airwave. People will be surprised, but if they listen carefully to each disc multiple times, you will feel that itís Airwave.

Trance.nu: Are there any remixes planned of tracks on Trilogique, Maybey from Jon O Bir, Ozgur Can or Markus Schulz?
Airwave: MaybeyÖ There are always plans for good remixes. Itís a very artistic project, music is art. I am not going to make some quick remixes to earn some money. Itís about the sound! Remixes will come, but I canít confirm anything yet.

Trance.nu: You perform as a DJ and live-act. What is the big difference?
Airwave: First of all, I will never go as a DJ alone anymore. It doesnít fit me, being a DJ. I want to be more of musicmaker on stage. So I will make hybrid sets, with live tweaking and effects during my DJ sets. Most of the tunes will be my own (cause I know them very well haha), but I can also improvise and spin other tunes or play piano parts live with a track. You can do both DJ and live together  Just check it out when I come to play near you.

Trance.nu: Where will you perform the coming months?
Airwave: Next month I will spin in France, then in Holland on 25th of February. The bookings still should be confirmed. 10th of March with the album release there will be a party in Germany. I will play with Niels van Gogh and Yves DeRuyter. And more bookings are being confirmed at the moment..

Trance.nu: The trance scene in Belgium seems a bit dead at the moment. How come?
Airwave: There are multiple reasons. Party promoters and club owners are just dumb. They donít understand the clubbing culture. In countries like Holland, France and Switzerland, the clubs are always filled. Besides that, the amount of drugs during clubbing has decreased, and less people go to the clubs. Drugs are bad, thatís a fact, but the people that still want to go clubbing canít find good partyís. There seems to be a gap between artists, clubbers and promotors. I think that the massive partyís and mass media have a bad influence on true club culture. I think it takes time and if we keep positive, the club culture will come back. Maybey not as big as 5, 6 years ago, but hopefully with some good quality and atmosphere. Thatís the key of a good party.

Trance.nu: What do you think of DJís that give big concerts and go more to the pop-style?
Airwave: When you are a musician, you should give a concert, ofcourse! If you give a concert, if you canít play a note on a keyboard hmmm. I love festivals more, there you can discover the real artists. Doing a liveshow for two hours is excellent, but asking 30,000 euro for a DJ-set, thatís just too much. Itís all too much about money and not about music anymore. We are musicians, never forget that! We should give new artists the opportunity to build up. Also we shouldnít make the gap between fans and artists so big. Itís dangerous.

Trance.nu: Which DJ is your favourite?
Airwave: I have a lot of respect for Sasha. He is one the few that evaluates the music and other artists. He makes great music, spins great records and his mentality is amazing. Other DJs like Markus Schulz is a great flexible artist, who has a great taste for quality.

Trance.nu: Are there any places you would like to perform?
Airwave: I donít really care. 400 people or 40,000 people. Where is the difference? On big festivals only 400 people can truly hear your music, because the sound quality sucks. Some cityís Iíd like to spin are New York or countries like India or Russia. Iíd love to spin in Eastern Europe once. I loved Japan as well. China would be amazing too.

Trance.nu: Which new technology do you use when performing?
Airwave: I use a laptop with Ableton live and extra softsynths. And I use a trigger finger from M-audio, which is a pad which I use to start and stop tunes. I also use an Ozonic keyboard with loads of knobs. You have to program it all yourself to perform live. Itís amazing and feels way better then spinning with vinyl.

Trance.nu: Since a few years you do the project Antidote together with Marnik. For which sound stands Antidote?
Airwave: Cool, electric, eclectic, quality and the rest you should ask Marnik, he comes with the other input. Itís a great collaboration, we know each other for 10 years now and we do loads of nice stuff together. We are very flexible in the sound. Marnik knows a lot about the old electronic sounds from the seventies and eighties.

Trance.nu: Is there an Antidote album planned?
Airwave: aaah. Would be amazing! We have made seven, eight tunes. So it would be time to think about an album. Could be physical or digital. Antidote is my best collaboration till now.

Trance.nu: You made a tune once, LíOceans DíEtoiles. Can you tell something more, because the tune is loved by fans and they are hoping for a release.
Airwave: -silence-Ö That tune has been spun by someone on a radioshow, but it should not have been, because itís a demo track. I donít know if I will use it, it sounds like a demo to me. Itís not finished for me. If people keep asking for it, we MIGHT give it a digital release, but rather not.

Trance.nu: Which tunes can we expect the coming months from other projects like The Green Martian, Planisphere, Lolo?
Airwave: There is a new The Green Martian coming up. I am busy with a lot of remixes under the name The Green Martian and Airwave. I will focus on Airwave projects now for promoting the new singles. I will start with a new Planisphere album, cause the other album sold very good at the download shops. I love the Planisphere sound. A new single by Cape Town will be planned, but is not yet confirmed.

Trance.nu: Which remixes will you make in the upcoming months?
Airwave: I am currently remixing the track Armandi Ė Philtre under the Green Martian Remix. Also a remix from a York track is planned. I am quite busy, cause I will marry soon as well  . As always, music, art is difficult to plan.

Trance.nu: Is the Fire & Ice project totally over?
Airwave: Yes, I think that Jurgen (DJ Fire) should get more attention. Fire & Ice was good for a certain period, but I think itís better if we continue under DJ Fire. He has a brilliant style of spinning, which I think deserves more attention, then the uplifting sound from Fire & Ice. But my taste for uplifting trance has gone now for a few years.

Trance.nu: Are there any artists that you would like to co-operate with?
Airwave: Oh yes, there are loads of people I could make an awesome track with. First of all, our own artists at Bonzai like Nathan Profitt, who is superb. Joost Latigidi is great, Joni Ljungvist is an amazing artist. To promote artists from the Bonzai stable, thatís my goal. I donít really dream to work with other producers.

Trance.nu: And what if the BT management calls you tomorrow?
Airwave: It depends on what we can do. happy

Trance.nu: The coming months, there will be re-release of the Bonzai classic Jones & Stephenson Ė The First Rebirth including an Antidote Remix. Wasnít it difficult to remix such a classic again?
Airwave: Again indeed, itís my second time I remixed it. To be honest, it was quite simple. It was 3 and 4 hours work. Marnik could not come to the studio, so I went with my laptop to Marnik and made it in Ableton live. If you know what you want, then it is quite easy.

Trance.nu: Do you check danceforums on the internet? And what do you think of the atmosphere there?
Airwave: I think some forums are really good for socializing and learning to know people. Some parts of forums I donít like, because people bash artists too much. I think thereís sometimes a lack of respect. You canít have a grown up discussion sometimes. I have a trance.nu account and I also surf on other forums. I donít show myself as a big artist, but just as a participator in discussions.

Trance.nu: When will the new DJ Airwave site come online?
Airwave: Within a few weeks, before the album release?

Trance.nu: What is your favourite dancetrack ever?
Airwave: Energy 52 Ė Cafť Del Mar.

Trance.nu What is your favourite movie ever?
Airwave: Forrest Gump, a great simple but twisted movie. I think itís brilliant. The story is great, the lesson history is amazing.

Trance.nu: What are your favourite records of the moment?
Airwave: Ljungvist Ė Nella, Motionchild Ė Paralyze and Pharmacy Of Sound Ė Looking For A Substance. But there are loads more.

Trance.nu: You always refer and think about people living in poverty. Do you think music is a good way to bring a message about these situations to the people?
Airwave: absolutely! Itís a way to communicate just like internet, television, the phone. You can bring certain messages better through music. Music is my way of life. In every genre of music thereís a message. But you have to find it.

Trance.nu: How would you like to be remembered in 20 years?
Airwave: I want to keep making music the coming years. I want to be remembered always by my friends and family. There are billions of people on the earth, I donít know how many know my music. But I want to be remembered by my friends, family and real fans. I am not a superman, just a normal person bringing a message.

Trance.nu: Thanks for the interview!
Airwave: Thanks for all the faith the past years! Awesome that you came here to listen to my album. It was all my pleasure.

Thanks to Airwave and Marnik for making this possible. The review of the album will come soon on Trance.nu! For details check

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