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Tuesday 21st, September 2004
A Night of Trance - Trance.Nu Interview

A Night of Trance is currently known as Sydney’s premier uplifting trance night and has been said to have brought uplifting trance in Sydney back from the dead. The rapid rise of the event has sent shock waves throughout the clubbing industry with plenty of new and existing events moving towards the sound of uplifting trance. Last month the event had its first birthday and the crew celebrated in style staging their biggest party to date at Sydney’s ARQ nightclub. The crew hopes to top this with a massive event showcasing some of Australia’s finest dj talent. It is shaping up to be one of the biggest local uplifting trance nights to date and I recently had a chat with promoter and resident dj Joshua van Aalst to find out more about the night.

“A Night of Trance has come a long way in the space of a year from a small party with a couple of local DJs to a huge full blown event. Can you tell me how it all came about?”

There was a need. Originally the event was just a small party where, my friends and I had fun organizing it and we all had fun partying at it. But with the demise of uplifting trance in Sydney all of a sudden our little party was the only uplifting trance night left! The decision had to be made. Do we answer the call? With our love of trance music and trance events the answer was a definite yes!

“So what do you think has contributed to the success of your parties?”

A number of things:

A long history of attending trance events and meeting many people in the scene definitely helped me gain a solid understanding of what people want in an uplifting trance event. This has helped me form the basic fundamental of our events which is: Get the basics right!

I also attribute a lot of the success to the strong business foundations that I have had. I think this has definitely helped keep the event afloat, cash flow positive and running strongly.

“I understand this is the first time in Sydney a straight trance party has been promoted alongside the gay community and more importantly in a predominantly gay nightclub. What has prompted you to take this step?”

A couple of reasons: I want the best for A Night Of Trance, and regardless of whether ARQ was previously known as a gay venue, I believe it is the best venue in Sydney and therefore wanted to use it for A Night Of Trance.

Another reason why A Night of Trance is one of the first events to be promoted both to gay and straight clubbers is because I believe both communities have a lot to offer. The friendliness of the gay clubs combined with the awesome musical ability of the straight scene DJs.

“Many people have said that the success of your night has brought the uplifting trance sound back to Sydney. What is your opinion on this?”

The event has definitely contributed to uplifting trance’s resurgence but I do not attribute the event to being the sole medium for this. I believe it is the clubbers. A Night of Trance clubbers love uplifting trance. All I did was give them a forum to express themselves.

“Tell me a bit about the resident DJs playing at your night.”

Diggs n Morro – Definitely one of the biggest uplifting Sydney DJ outfits. They were originally of Halcyon fame but later played events such as Transmission, Sounds on Sunday and a host of others. Their sound is generally quite upfront and is a smooth blend of uplifting and melodic trance.

Joshua van Aalst – myself. It’s hard to comment on one’s self so I’ll just describe what style of music I play. I generally play massive uplifting and euphoric tracks. Tracks that have huge build ups. Tracks where the builds up keep going and going as layer upon layer of sound is added. I’m also well known for banging out the anthems.

Scott Richardson – Undoubtedly the best recent addition to the trance scene. Scott’s sets are super tight and full of lots of tricks and other goodies. His style of trance is very versatile. He has been said to play all styles of trance music. At A Night of Trance though he generally plays quite a driving sound with lots of euphoric tracks.

Cameron O’Shea – Sydney’s number 1 radio station’s resident DJ. As a radio resident DJ Cameron has access to tracks and music well before other DJs. Consequently his sets are generally very upfront with the occasional anthems dotted throughout. Cameron can play quite a harder edged uplifting sound.

“What have been the major highlights for you over the past year?”

I think the main highlight is seeing the big smiles on all our clubbers faces. The feedback has been amazing and that really means the world to me.

“Do you have any plans in the future to bring out international DJs?”

There are a couple of internationals we are in talks with but right now I am really happy with the local and national DJ talent.

“So what should people expect if they are to come to A Night of Trance?”

Massive euphoric and uplifting trance all night long. An amazing lighting show featuring a hydraulic moving lighting rig and a full oracle laser show. But most importantly what A Night of Trance is known for: really friendly clubbers. If you walk into A Night of Trance expect that happy clubbers will start chatting to you everywhere.

“I understand your upcoming night will feature the highly successful 5AM DJs from Melbourne playing up against the Sydney residents. What can we expect from this night?”

For starters madness! When Sydney’s biggest uplifting trance event combines with Melbourne’s biggest uplifting trance crew the result will be utter craziness with both crews trying to out do each other and tear the roof off the club with the soaring euphoric and uplifting tunes.

What else can I say the event features some of the best uplifting trance DJ’s on the Australian eastern seaboard and you can certainly expect that this event will be one to remember.

“Finally, if you could sum up your event in a few words what would it be?”

Soaring, uplifting and euphoric music with an ultra friendly crowd.

Come and check out A Night of Trance vs. 5AM on Friday, 24th September at Sydney’s ARQ nightclub. For more information go to:
www.joshandfriendspresents.com or

by Lisa Maddock

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