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PostPosted: 05 August 2001 - 14:55:00 (663)  Reply with quote
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-->Macman: You talked about more features on the first page, please make sure you don't put too much on the front page. It tends to get messy if you put too much there...

Oh yea, con grat's to everyone with a birthday coming up or resently passed by. Don't kill yourself on the club-floor happy

don't click here!
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PostPosted: 06 August 2001 - 17:29:00 (770)  Reply with quote
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Ehum, i hade this idea before the release. It's not hard to build, but as macman said. We need the space ... may baby ... Convince us ... happy

.. realized sig-images are for suckers
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Tommie moooo
PostPosted: 12 August 2001 - 10:56:00 (497)  Reply with quote
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How about just a little birthdaycake icon or something?

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emphatic taking care of kids.
PostPosted: 23 August 2001 - 03:36:00 (191)  Reply with quote
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The author of this topic has his birthday today (as I'm writing 23rd of Aug)!!!!
So give it up for Caine


Its a rough world
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PostPosted: 24 August 2001 - 09:41:00 (445)  Reply with quote
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never mind...

[ This Message was edited by: Dj Bacon on 2001-08-24 07:43 ]
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PostPosted: 18 September 2001 - 03:03:00 (168)  Reply with quote

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kinda late here.. but i turned 21 on september 1st satisfied
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