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Gemini CDMP-6000 Professional DJ Dual
PostPosted: 03 October 2010 - 22:03:42 (960)  Reply with quote
T.nu Member

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is it a gd set to start wth i mean its 380$ and my budget is like 400$
which i couldnt find 2 cd players and a mixer of such price
What do you think I should do ?
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PostPosted: 04 October 2010 - 02:41:53 (154)  Reply with quote
T.nu Member

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Looking at the features, it doesnt seem that bad of a deal. But Gemini is going to feel kinda of cheap. Since Ive never used this before I cant give you a great review but its probably going to be a little harder to mix on this than maybe a cdj1000. The tempo controller is the main thing you really need to pay attention to when purchasing any type of deck. The mixer techinically doesnt matter, all you really need is the EQs and the faders. Dont get distracted by all the effects because they usually dont sound that great anyways and can get a little tiresome for the audience if its too saturated. If this is something you think you want to get in to on a serious level, It would be my advice to save a little more and get two decks that are decent. Like some Denon S1200s and just get a 100-150 dollar mixer. In the end you will get something that will last you longer than 2 years.

I definitely think you should get in to DJing tho, its a lot of fun and if you stick at it, it can pay off. Good luck thumbsup

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