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Feedback for my 2nd song
PostPosted: 30 September 2010 - 19:07:44 (838)  Reply with quote
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Hey guys,

just finished a song, it is only my 2nd song, so I'm rather new and incompetent grin2 Nevertheless, feel free to say what comes to your mind, any help appreciated:

If anyone wants to know: I used Ableton, Sylenth1 and Zebra for that song.

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PostPosted: 30 September 2010 - 23:02:35 (001)  Reply with quote
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the lead sound that comes in at 1:40 seems a bit too low for my taste. Try making it louder. Also some nice overdrive to it would pump up the high-mid tones and give that fat edge.

The piano was a very nice add imo. I loved when it played the high notes. Very lovely! (though you might want to cut it with EQ around the low mid frequencies imo)

for a second track, this is a very good production imo

Keep the tunes coming mate happy

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PostPosted: 30 September 2010 - 23:05:53 (004)  Reply with quote
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more more layers(basslines)
less dreamy crap shit
more punchy kick+snare
buildup is weak uhm_negative uhm_negative uhm_negative

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PostPosted: 30 September 2010 - 23:43:35 (030)  Reply with quote
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Thank you so far.
One question I forgot to add int the op: I think that what the song lacks the most is drive and energy. But I just don't know why. Is it the drums, is it the basslines (there are actually already 3, maybe still not enough wink), is it something else?
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PostPosted: 01 October 2010 - 00:01:22 (042)  Reply with quote
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love the dreamy crap shit thumbsup

liking the stabs, but they could use some power imho, overall try to define your sounds a bit better by giving them a bit more punch, the track sounds a bit tame.

for a second track I would say nice work

a sequencer is just like a dick..size offit doenst matter..what matters is how you use it
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PostPosted: 01 October 2010 - 14:08:57 (631)  Reply with quote
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Not the greatest kick and bass in my opinion, but for what they are, maybe try compressing the kick a little with a fast attack to reduce the peak. I wonder if a limiter would even be best, but see what you can do. Try boosting the 50-60 Hz range even as there's no real bottom end, but that might just boost what's not even there to begin with. You could also try reducing 208 Hz a little but that's probably only going to accent the click of the attack.

The level of the kick and bass is a little loud compared to the hats to begin with, but I'll carry on...

Don't really like the clap either to be honest, but for what it is it sounds OK.

At 0:57 there's a huge sub-bass spike that absolutely needs to go.

What change are you making in the bass after this? The 73 Hz, D2 and 37 Hz, D1 frequencies just got a whole lot louder. It's not necessarily a bad thing actually, as it makes the bass range sound fuller.

The sweep sound at 1:37 is slightly too loud.

The sub-bass peak at 1:40 again needs to go.

The snare roll at 2:23 might also be slightly too loud.

Overall I really like the background pads you have going on, and I really wish I could hear them more.

3:06 is a welcome change with some louder and higher lead instruments, and the pads become noticeable too - nice! Just wish I could hear them a little more.

At 3:48 the extreme treble gets a bit too much on the lead synth. I would roll that off with EQ a bit.

Maybe you could filter out the lows a bit more on the pad at 5:01.

Also the arpeggio at 5:22 starts off with too much lows. It also gets a little loud towards the end of the filter automation so maybe turn it down a little, but you don't want it to be lost after you turn the filter down slightly.

The piano is a nice addition, and I think it fits well mixing-wise, it's just that it enters a bit suddenly maybe, and sounds like it's in a totally different mixing space.

At 6:52 the bass suddenly gets a lot louder, and it doesn't sound right. And at 7:02 it feels the bass in the filter drop doesn't fit either, i.e. don't let it go down as far.

That's a lot, but I hope some of it helps.

Don't limit or compress your mixdown until mastering; leave the master channel alone.
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