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Inside the mind of Istmo Artists - Chris Schweizer
PostPosted: 23 September 2010 - 23:31:03 (021)  Reply with quote
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More Info: www.istmomusic.com
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Today we have a great surprise for you guys, a recent, exclusive interview with Chris Schweizer, fresh from a wave of massive upcoming releases. At Istmo, we all know the amazing talent behind this young Argentinean producer, but we wanted to get a little bit closer and have a personal and intimate point of view from Chris so you all can get deeper feel into the mind of Chris Schweizer, the up and coming star.

Ok Let's begin!

Istmo : How is Chris Schweizer these days? What have you been told by your friends, fans, family about the success and quick growth of the Latin America electronic scene?

Chris : Most of my friends don't even know that I am making music, it has been a real surprise for them! My family obviously is very happy, supporting me always since the first beat, and little by little the number of fans are growing and are always looking for new stuff, and that is inspiring to keep producing and grow my production expertise day by day... thanks to them!

Istmo: How was it that you started making your own music? What put the idea in your head?

Chris : Since I was a child I was an electronic music fan, but making my own music started 6 years ago, when I was twelve years old. I had a girlfriend who was a Dj and producer and when I saw what she was doing I wanted to try. Since that day musical production was my main hobby, and now my work.

Istmo: How did you find out about Istmo Music?

Chris : I knew Istmo Music by some Producers/friends who recommended it because they said that my music fits the quality that Istmo label requires, and then i tried with my first track (and BOOM success): Hysteria, which was even reworked by Markus Schulz!

Istmo: How do you think that music has changed you?

Chris: Music has changed me in every way of my life, like electricity needs a ground source, it completed me, a moment to be on my own, extreme relaxation, and became my daily work and way of life.

Istmo: These days you can see countless DJs playing with computers and midi controllers, what's your opinion on that?

Chris : I thinks thats ok; progress exists and is constant; it's evolution… the thing that would be wrong is believing that theres only one way to mix and that's the way it should be. We have to innovate, and as long as it sounds good, it works!

Istmo : Who are your favorites Dj/Producers?

Chris : Uf..! I have too many (laughs) , if i have to choose ONE i would say Marcus Schossow; he has the capacity and the ability to mix in a very unique way, i like it!

Favorite producer I think that my pick would be Myon & Shane 54 or Gareth Emery.

Istmo : Stepping out a little from the music subject, what does Chris Schweizer do on his day off? Thanks to the social networks we know you as a music worshiper, but what do you do in your free time?. Rest? Friends? Movies? Girlfriend? Soccer? Facebook?

Chris : To be honest, I don't have resting time lately, I'm always doing something. Chris Schweizer studies Sound Engineering which consumes most of my time from monday to saturday; I also have a girlfriend and go to the gym, and hang with several friends! Very busy kid (laughs).

Istmo : How do you feel that you have evolved over the years? How were your first steps looking to how Chris is now?

Chris : I have evolved a lot! First of all I found my first tracks would cause ear damage (laughs), even I couldn't take them. My latests tracks are very friendly and always in my iPod!, and it also went from hobby to some kind of day job. Besides this process it was also a big early age change from being 12 to 18 years old, a change that never ends satisfied.

Istmo : Which equipment does Chris Schweizer use to produce?

Chris : Nothing special, AMD Athlon 2 X4 620, 2GB Ram DDR3, 320GB. with Techniques monitor and an old school Akai pre-amp. I started with Reason and then changed to FL Studio, then Cubase, Then Ableton, but came back to my first love, FL. Using lot of VSTs like 3xOsc, Sylenth1 o Nexus.

Istmo : We have had great releases under our label that have been from your inspiration, Hysteria, Zha, Nella and the upcoming Vitality, which has gotten incredible support from some big names like Gareth Emery, MIKE aka Push, Sean Tyas, Marcus Schossow. What was the process to create these tracks?

Chris : Ehm.. I think that each track is a different world, Hysteria for example came to my mind one day while I was eating dinner, the idea of making the melody jumps from one scale to another and include some percussion and lots of FX, and there it was I ran in to my studio and started to work and until I finish it I didn't stop. ZHA came from a moment that i was looking for something dirty which is what excites me!. Vitality was born with its melody so progressive, so dark, and after days of work the fusion of tech and electro and progressive to create that groove creates that friendly bass line.

Istmo : What will Chris Schweizer be doing in ten years? Family man? DJ/Producer? What are your plans?

Chris : I think that in 10 years I will have completed my Sound Engineer career, so I'll be developing my job probably in some recording studio and then I see myself as a family man and over all doing what I like the most! DJing and production.

Istmo : If there were no electronic music, what would be your profession? What would you do with your life?

Chris : Probably I've been studying Computer Engineer (my other option). Honestly wouldn't know what to do without electronic music, it's my life!.

We appreciate your time Chris; here in El salvador you have a second home. Istmo Music always will support you.

Greetings to all and thank you for always supporting me, Chris!

We hope that you enjoyed this interview with one of our most distinguished artists, stay tuned always with www.istmomusic.com
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