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Bass How does my mix sound - HeadspaceEnd mix
PostPosted: 20 September 2010 - 18:24:44 (808)  Reply with quote
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Voci wrote:

Don't really like your second tip. There are only a few rythms that you can choose of really. They all have been used before.

Another reason to start making less deggadegga crap uplifting tracks and actually make something original more happy

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that uplifting is bad. It's my favorite type of trance. However, it seems that everyone is making nothing but uplifting these days. You see loads of new people making uplifting, and only 1% of them actually know how to make it properly. It's time to come up with something new puh
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SecondHand is all out for the is
PostPosted: 21 September 2010 - 06:00:41 (292)  Reply with quote
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At Atlantis AR

Will go on tomorrow need a day away from this song to keep a clear look.
Added soundcloud versions as well

At the others
To me an off kick base line is one that plays the open hihat melody
Like i did in the original version
The new version does not have that melody
But yall seem to be talking about the sound then not the melody lol

Well that i wont change cos that i like
I tried to please the complainers and did a different base melody
Like the result myself so thanks for the inspiration to change that
But i'm not changing sounds that i like myself
I love it and will always keep producing it

I create any style i like even still make hardcore and hardtrance sometimes
And i create any melody i like
What makes you people think you can create unique melodies ?
In the classical world most melodies have already been used
And house has been going on for such a long time now

I make music to please myself and my personal friends
Heck i don't even look at this song as an uplifter
To me this is club trance as the melodies are good for older folks too
I'm not 18 years of age like some here but 38 years old
And get nervous from lots of known producers their work

I try to put more melodies in my music
And i like to do my own thing instead of copying other songs like most musicians do
Thats why my music sounds different than the commercial stuff
I don't compare my tracks to other trax but make my own ideas
Heck i don't even know whats the hit atm
Cos i listen more to unsigned musicians then known ones
And there are those who like my works too got a new release 2 weeks ago on danceunderground.com
And still got my release up on ddance
Thats labels who i don't own and the owners are not personal friends eighter
So it's not friends politics but quality that got me in there
Also bounced many net label offers off cos they did not have any tools to promote
So then it makes no sense to join such a label

Can create my own label and release all my songs myself like lots do
But i've been in music long enough to know that only gets you addicted to alcohol or stuff like that
Many friends felt like a failure over the years cos they did not get known
So started drinking and live on the streets now and walk in at AA

ONLY dj's will get a chance to release their work and get proper promotion
Cos they can play their own works so promote them selfs
Others are not interesting to promote no mater how nice their trax are
Thats just how the music industry works

And i accepted that thus only make music for my own pleasure now
Not to create the next hit cos thats an impossible task
Since i don't dj or perform anymore

As for soundcloud probably already have a login for that cos i got invited many times
Yet never used it cos i already go so many accounts to look at
And i hate reading all those terms rules that these sites create
But i'll use it for unfinished try out things for discussing music
Will have a look at how things work there
See my email is already registered so i'll check my firefox saved passwords

Tip how is a hit born
Create a release and make a cd of it
Sign up with a copyright organization
Buy 5000 copies of your own song
And there you go your song jumps in at 20 on the hitlist
Might even be within top 10 these days with the dropping sales

This trick has been used since labels started
And the trick is still in use today that how they buy their own golden album
And reward it at a public event so customers get fooled and join the hype by buying the product
All you need is investment cash to buy your own hit
So HITS are not a guaranty of a solid good production in any way

NOW you know how its done if you didn't know it already wink

For the Dutch people here
See DEWI her new song she even said that the song was bought up
And yep she got herself a golden record as well
Wide open prove of the trick sleepy

Out for some days
Have to help a friend in real life to fix some paperwork with authorities

At Atlantis AR

I'll get back 1 version and fix that with you
On the end i'll add that buissy hat for my dj friend
He likes to play the song in his set but wants to use the song to
Switch back from technoish songs to smoother songs
So he wanted that fast hat at the start to have a good mixin to the faster songs
Without the hat it was too soft to mixin to the techno trax he plays before
But yep your right to fit that loop to my normal drums i had to change the eq
Cos the loop is a lot less bright than my drumkit
But its better imo to finish it first without using loops
I can always layer a loop on top later

Will first put the drums on audio cos i found that the hat that jumped out
Was a double hat same sound playing on different sampler
So i'll bounce all drums to audio
And have found a better suiting bass too
Cos if i filter out the 65 then nothings left of the base
Filtered it out anyway and put a solid base at the bottom

The panning you hear on the base is the Fat knob from vanguard
Thats also creating the moves in the sound
I twisted it all the way up to keep that chorus like sound
But took the body of that base away to replace it by the solid base

Starting to get there
Put the eq on main out to give it better sound
But took that away and done it on my hardware mixer
Cos on my sys the kick sounds like a ping pong ball
So added 50% plus on base on the mixer and song sounds much better
Might all be caused by my hardware mixer hahaha
Always color my sound on the mixer but turned all nobs to basic setting when i got new headphones
That i figure was the reason i got such a dif sound on the headphones wink

http://www.myspace.com/passiepassion [progressive]
http://www.myspace.com/dreamdynamics [Dream-Psy Trance]
http://www.freewebs.com/websoundtutors/index.htm [Free Musical Tutors]
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PostPosted: 25 September 2010 - 14:07:22 (630)  Reply with quote
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I see you don't like a lot of text Atlantis AR

Then i think what i wanted to do with this topic wont work
As i wanted to do it very detailed to make it interesting for readers
I didn't look at this as personal help but like trying to make an educating topic
That wont work without lots of text
So i stop with this topic then as it has no function for the community

I'll leave a lil info that could be useful for those who were interested in how it would evolve
And wanted to learn the same things to do the techniques on their own song
See my musicians tutors page you do while you read-learn
That to me is the best way to learn
But ok not here cheers

Thanks for the help you gave while trying thumbsup

Compressor Simplified
Treshold - 10 db = level when compression starts working
Ratio 6.0 = how much compression will be added
Knee 15 = how fast compression gets to full power [hardknee act at ones , soft fades in]
Gain 5 db = increase volume before compression
Attack 5.5 ms = when compression starts
Release 70 ms = how long will the compression be active

Attack 1.0 ms to catch faster notes in melodies or when compress full song

http://www.myspace.com/passiepassion [progressive]
http://www.myspace.com/dreamdynamics [Dream-Psy Trance]
http://www.freewebs.com/websoundtutors/index.htm [Free Musical Tutors]
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PostPosted: 25 September 2010 - 14:59:21 (666)  Reply with quote
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I must say that I actually sort of enjoyed reading that. You have a special way of phrasing yourself that contains a mixture of flowing, shameless 5 year-old meanderings and stable grown-up values.

As for the track, I think it was better with the straight off beat bass. To make it groove more in syncopation, you'd better use a pluckier, more accented bass sound and that doesn't really fit the feel of the track, as you point out wanting to keep the sound.

The melodies were quite interesting - definitely more so than the generic trance arpeggio - but sometimes felt drawn out; they could benefit from some overhauling and careful manipulation, both with regards to automation and note placement.

Arrangements were subtle but sufficiently engaging and carried an effortless vibe.

Mixing-wise I would like to hear a bit more sparkle - VCF envelopes, tingling distorted transients and busy hi-hats, stuff like that.

Overall you seem to have a personal niche going which is always intriguing to see/hear. happy Keep it up.
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PostPosted: 25 September 2010 - 16:17:21 (720)  Reply with quote
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Off course i write in a shameless manner.
A real artist knows no shame as that limits his creativeness
But most of the songs that i post here i would not send to labels anymore

I stopped making music some years ago and been playing online games
Now i'm just re recording all my old music to make it available to friends
So these songs are nostalgic to me and some older friends
When i listen to this then my memory takes me back to the old harmonious days

Just like this song
Sure its not top of the bill
It gives me the old house feeling again although i just made it
To me thats logic cos i've been mixing my old music for weeks now
Upping album after album , so i'm still in that old skool vibe

And if i try to explain things on forum
Then i think i tell it to someone who is completely new to music
So try to bring it back to basics
Off course i know how to use a compressor and i do edit plugins
Even starting musicians can hear that in my embedded music
And how else could i write some tutors about how to make your own sounds
But i rather act asif i'm dumb cos then others will give more input
And they might come up with a totally different way of doing it

As for the off kick base
That was hot at the times that i made most of my songs
So many more will follow that have that base
I just thought it would be fun to try one on this song
Cos that was a new one anyway
So i wouldn't change old works that friends knew by testing it on this

As for this song
I'll finish it in some days i think
First doing some quick mixing on some more older songs
Not hits just background songs for classic trance lovers
But i just want those oldies up too then i can close that book
And burn the old stuff on dvd
To me this youtube uploading is like cleaning the hard drive
Apparently there are not many classic house lovers here
So their taste might come with album 9 and up where i use more recent works
But i'm an older dude so will probably always stay too classic for some
Like Trance odays lovers who like the newest styles

http://www.myspace.com/passiepassion [progressive]
http://www.myspace.com/dreamdynamics [Dream-Psy Trance]
http://www.freewebs.com/websoundtutors/index.htm [Free Musical Tutors]
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