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How low to cut "low" ?
PostPosted: 18 September 2010 - 16:05:11 (711)  Reply with quote
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Raveren wrote:
Blue_Boi wrote:
PassiePassion wrote:
Cut out base ?
What about the reece base in the music ?

I love base and never cut the base out completely
Only get some of the lowest eq away from the kick
But i do that to give the reece more room at the lowest base part
If you filter all low away then you wont hear any base
And you certainly wont feel it.

Imo base is very important in house as that makes the sound full
And i never got any reply here that my song had too much base
Reduced the kick of some songs cos i thought they were too loud

Am curious about your sample and the replies from the members
Might be interesting to see what you mean
I'll up my current new idea for my new track too
Some said they disliked of beat bases to me they belong to trance
For club i did use other timings but it made trance too soft
But i'm making a different baseline on my song to see how that functions
Will take me a week i guess cos i'm not used to other base timings on trance
Made some now but am not yet happy as it turned into club now imo
All the drive and aggressiveness is gone and it sounds asif bpm is lower
But looking at this topic i fear that i'm over producing again haha
I'm even layering a reece base thats already growling like a lion
To try and get back some lost power

I love base but perhaps a bit too much if i read this topic
So very interesting to read more about it
I'll be upping a test too in a hour or so which might interest you too
Cos it's also about base

You usually cut ALL frequencies below 45Hz... The reason is that the frequencies below 45 Hz are useless and will disturb the mix...

People can hear well below 45 Hz, it is not useless, although too much "can" disturb your mix (so can anythin else). Cut (and by cut I mean "remove") around 25 or 20 Hz.

Useless might be the wrong word, but just because you can hear a certain frequency doesn't mean that it's good for the mix or pleasure for the ears.


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PostPosted: 19 September 2010 - 21:58:29 (957)  Reply with quote
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where is Tranceit?
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PostPosted: 23 September 2010 - 02:14:04 (134)  Reply with quote
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If everything sounds so great in your car, start mixing there aswell. Win !
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PostPosted: 25 September 2010 - 12:32:06 (563)  Reply with quote
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JayLinney wrote:
If everything sounds so great in your car, start mixing there aswell. Win !

imposible to mix in the car
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PostPosted: 06 October 2010 - 02:15:51 (136)  Reply with quote
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DreambreaX wrote:

i believe u have overcome my problem. can u explain by "reducing the dynamic range of the bass?"

is it reducing the volume? or cutting the frequency? can u explain to me?

thank you so much

I'll post a pic/tutorial of how I did this later today satisfied
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PostPosted: 06 October 2010 - 06:27:40 (310)  Reply with quote
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Ok so what I did with the subbass to reduce the dynamic range of the waveform is use a limiter. This is in a recent remix project I finished Sept 2010.

In this picture the limiter is bypassed.

As you can see the waveform size is quite volatile; it's all over the place, hence the bad sounding mix in the car.

To fix that I strapped a limiter onboard and took note of two things.

1) Before limiting the subbass was averaging about -12db and peaking at -9.2db on the channel meter.
2) In Logic, a channel strip limiter with a 0 ceiling will limit up to the number on the channel strip volume, in this case "-10.2."

So for limiter settings, I want 3-4db of gain reduction. I want to lower the ceiling to activate at -14db. That way when it tries to go -9.2db I'm getting my 3-4db of gain reduction.

Lastly I boosted the overall limited sound by 3db to get an average sound around -14db.

Here is the new waveform after the limiter is activated:

I really hope that helps you and anybody else with this problem.
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PostPosted: 07 October 2010 - 00:17:45 (053)  Reply with quote
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I don't know about your advice tranceit, limiting something in the mix is not something I'd advice. Following a compressor maybe, and considering a sub-bass isn't the most dynamic instrument, maybe. I'm curious though, because the waveform doesn't at all look like a sub-bass, or at least it has a distinguished attack and frequencies into the upper bass and maybe lower mids. Is that plug-in just a waveform analyser?

I don't understand your limiter settings at all even though I know how a limiter works. 0 ceiling? That would mean the level is brought up to 0.0 dB afterwards? Not sure where you're getting -10.2 dB from.

Setting a threshold based on the amount of gain reduction also can't be the best thing. You want to go based on how it sounds, not how much gain reduction you're getting (I must admit I've been quilty of this when I first started using compressors).

But, I disagree, limiting the sub-bass won't necessarily make it sound better on a car stereo. It can help, but there are so many other factors at play, and this would usually be something that's addressed in the master, and I would only compress (not limit) a sub-bass if it needed compressing. Curious to hear what others have to say about this and how this advice works.

Don't limit or compress your mixdown until mastering; leave the master channel alone.
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Atlantis_AR is building a new DAW.
PostPosted: 07 October 2010 - 05:05:33 (253)  Reply with quote
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Atlantis_AR wrote:
I don't know about your advice tranceit

Hey I'm happy to answer all questions about the little tutorial.

The subbass is one I made from scratch and it's a delayed, rolling bassline. You can hear it in the track that resulted from this project my remix of Toxic by Matias Faint:


The plugin with the orange screen is showing the amplitude of the waveform so it's got nothing to do with frequency space. The sound is dynamic in that it jumps up and down in volume a lot. The repetition is just showing the pattern of the bassline.

The frequency space my sub is taking up is shown in the bottom picture on the bottom left/center. I've cut out some of the lows below 41hz because I have a big kick in my track

You're right about the zero ceiling, but since that channel's volume is set at -10.2db, a limiter on the channel strip will limit up to that and won't go to 0db. So in a sense -10.2db is 0db, make sense?

You always want to go based on how it sounds but what is just as important is getting a premaster or final mixdown that can be mastered well, if you have fluctuations like in this bassline and very little headroom or you're clipping that's not a good thing at all.

You don't have to believe it sounds better in the car. If you want I can upload a clip from both an older version and a newer version and you can play it in your car and hear the difference. Should be visual from the pictures I provided.

Any more questions?

P.S. Fedde le Grand recommends reducing the dynamic range of your subbasses to make them tighter.

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