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PostPosted: 16 September 2010 - 23:54:41 (037)  Reply with quote
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I found out over time that sampling is the way to achieve more complex and interesting sounds, but I never had the time and patience to learn and experiment it

so I'm opening this topic for anyone who wants to share their experience, thoughts, tutorials, books, videos or other resources

some advice from the more experienced users would also be great

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PostPosted: 17 September 2010 - 01:23:36 (099)  Reply with quote
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easiest way (for Ableton users):

1. right-click a loop in Ableton file browser
2. select Slice to New MIDI track
3. choose 1/16 note if you have a 1 bar loop
4. click OK and Profit! now you have 16 samples that you can rearrange in the note editor
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PostPosted: 17 September 2010 - 02:38:23 (151)  Reply with quote
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The SliceX VSTi from Imageline is really useful for that. You can chop your samples/loops, add effects to them, and dump them into a MIDI roll all using just one VST.
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PostPosted: 17 September 2010 - 03:29:20 (187)  Reply with quote
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1) Take a sample of anything that has a timbre you find appealing, then pass it through some granular synths (Reaktor 5 has some cool ensambles with grain synths)

2) Record yourself talking with a funny chicago gangster accent, go to freesounds, download for free some thompson machine gun shooting samples, stomping on glass samples; add everything to your project, put some vintaging effects. E voila - you've got a nice american gangster movie mood to your trip hop/amon tobinesque track.

3) Take a percussion sample, leave only the transient and make a slowing down effect: arrange the 1/64 transients in a way that the first 4 transients sit tightly next to each other, and every next transient is pasted a bit further than the previous one.

4) Stretch a vocal sample as much as you wish, cut high and low frequencies, and insert a nice 100% wet reverb. Lower the volume and you'll have a nice atmospheric sound texture.

5) Rout a nice, filtered pad sample to a midi triggered gate. Make an interesting rhytmic pattern. As a result, you'll have a unique gate, that you otherwise wouldn't be able to make in a standard trance gate fx.

6) Avoid using dbglitch for making glitches - it has a too characteristic sounds, thus it will be blatantly obvious what vst have you used.

7) Go to freesounds, download some samples of normal human speech, slice them a little bit and place them in your project in two audio tracks, next set the panning of both tracks to the opposite directions. Add some reverb/delay and insery Audioease Speakerphone. You can make a nice effect; sounds a little bit like Tilt - The World Doesn't Know.

8) It's an urban myth that you can sample few seconds of a track without any legal consequences.

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Hope you'll like it.
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