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What is better pc-ableton or macpro-logic?
PostPosted: 31 July 2010 - 13:10:14 (590)  Reply with quote
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Hello everybody my name is George and with my partner Michael we create Active Limbic System about a year ago.We are planning to change our software(reason 4) and we would like to know what is the best for us.

In this link you can also listen to our new work the bootleg remix on Arksuns-Arisen(Active Limbic System Bootleg mix)


Thank u all for ur time and ur help.We really appreciate it.

George(Active Limbic System)
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PostPosted: 31 July 2010 - 14:28:45 (644)  Reply with quote
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logic for sure, it is very stable
but ableton can be easier for some people. you better test demo versions first

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PostPosted: 31 July 2010 - 17:34:53 (774)  Reply with quote
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Ableton is stable too, and you don't have to buy an uber expensive PC (some call it a Mac) to be able to use it.

Anyway, like jkl27 said, check out the demoversions first. Although checking out a demo of Logic might be hard if you don't have a Mac^^ Download the demo of Ableton, watch tutorials on Youtube happy
There really isn't a best program, Ableton and Logic are both great programs and used by professionals, so just go with whichever you like more.

I recommend Ableton though puh I use it, and I love it happy
(I haven't tried any other programs though^^)

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andYMkIII R.I.P. trance.nu, thanks for everything, I had a great time here :,(
PostPosted: 01 August 2010 - 14:07:04 (629)  Reply with quote
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Non of them is better. They are different. It is a question like orange or peach is tastier.
Ableton is the perfect tool to manupulate sounds. Fit something to tempo and do stuff with audio is as easy as batter kneading. Making mashups or bootleg remixes is the best tool. It is good for djing too. But unfortunatelly very cpu hungry, but pc hardware is cheaper than macs.

Logic pro is a perfect daw, low on cpu. Easy to use, but it isnt as cool to manipulate audio with it. Btw it is a great tool.

My choice is Ableton with a beast pc. But both of them are professional tools.

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