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People with very high self-esteem
Gee Tee Age
PostPosted: 09 June 2010 - 01:38:38 (110)  Reply with quote
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TranceElevation wrote:
jetflag wrote:
by the way this one has some good elements innit

Thank you a lot! Now we are gonna get another 20 topics with his "masterpieces".
No you wont. Trance cant get any better than this, So every track that I will probably produce will not be as good as California. That makes it all senseless, so thats my last track

Thats the reason I'm so full of myself - my music is amazing!
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Gee Tee Age El Gato Rapido
PostPosted: 09 June 2010 - 04:37:31 (234)  Reply with quote
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Gee Tee Age wrote:
gavon wrote:
Gee Tee Age wrote:
jetflag wrote:
basically you're mad at yourself lol

don't feel bad thow. we're all mad at you happy
There is a difference between a person who appears to have a high self-esteem for unknown reasons and a person who really has it. In my case its all acting a role on purpose.

why do you have to act this role, do you think it will make us want to buy your music more or is it an attention seeking thing
I get 10 cents for every youtube play.

10 cents or ten per sense?

Rachel Rixham
Living for the Music
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