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Routing Audio from Live 7 through Virus Snow?
PostPosted: 09 September 2010 - 18:47:43 (824)  Reply with quote
T.nu Member

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I'm trying to route a drumloop through the Virus Snow's filters but can't seem to get any sound out of it. Within Live I've got the drum tracks' 'Audio To' set to the Virus, but I'm not sure of how to set the Virus up for this. Any ideas? Thanks.

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PostPosted: 10 September 2010 - 02:57:28 (164)  Reply with quote
T.nu Member

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If you route trough any external driver before maximizing the limiter on the virus, the results will always be no sound.

Try to edit directly trough the audio processor instead. This way you will gain in both sound quality and cpu usage. The trick is to always ensure that the sound never leaves the stereo field, so that when you get this problem with routing, there is always an alternative.

Hope this helps.

If you are unable to route directly, you can always try to reverse the audio signal pattern.
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