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Why keeping at 125-130bpm and not 135-140?
PostPosted: 01 April 2010 - 10:00:22 (458)  Reply with quote
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MindFreeze wrote:
mossi wrote:
Igneous01 wrote:
mossi wrote:
IMO it really depends on who you are and what mood you're in. For instance in Vancouver people are very laidback and like to chill alot, so the house scene (~125 bpm) is pretty big here. On the other hand take a look at Japan and all the high-tempo dance/jpop tracks they like to listen to -I think that has to do with how busy and stressed they are every day.

It's just a hypothesis btw -don't ask me to back it up by scientific evidence!

lol ive noticed that in bc as well lol!

idk if its because they have a beach and vancouver but for some reason everywhere where there is a beach or resort - its all about slow and groovy tracks

don't forget doobies too lol

Haha, yes, that's probably an important factor.
For you fellow Vancouverites, is there a trance scene at all? I'll finally be able to (legally) go to clubs this summer, but where will I be able to find some "real" stuff -- in other words, no sets consisting of remixes of Lady Gaga and the like. I've been hard-pressed to even find anyone who didn't think the only trance that exists is by Tiesto.

In the summer we will probably host a lot of trance big shots but other than that you won't find a proper trance scene here. Vancouver is almost entirely house. We will convert you to house don't worry wink

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