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Would love some feedback/critique from you guys!
PostPosted: 14 September 2010 - 17:12:24 (758)  Reply with quote
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Hey guys!

I'm by no means new to producing, but I've been away from the trance scene for quite some time now (was active in the mid 90's-early 2000's). In the last year I've picked it up again and would like some feedback on my productions.
Be positive or negativ or constructive or use me as your punchbag, I really don't care, ANY feedback would be greatly appreciated!

You'll find them here:


Thanx a bunch!

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PostPosted: 14 September 2010 - 17:43:07 (779)  Reply with quote
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The bass would sound much much better if you give it a bottom edge; it'd create a whole lot of drive to this sucker! boobs
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SecondHand is all out for the is
PostPosted: 14 September 2010 - 17:50:51 (785)  Reply with quote
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Thanx, secondhand. happy

Yeah, the tracks arn't "mastered" yet, and they also sound a tad different on soundcloud. I don't know why that is.
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PostPosted: 14 September 2010 - 20:38:17 (901)  Reply with quote
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Jon Laprevote - Stroboscopic Movement

Good song , Just a bit melody lacking imo
Would be nice to hear some more instruments instead of only the 2-3 used sounds
But you used em to the max to make it a full song though
I'm a layer musician so could be taste

Needs some more base in the EQ
Best do that in the normal EQ and fit the rest of the mix to the base
You can't do that with mastering cos then all sounds in the song come up
Mastering is only to fine tune your mix
Most sound coloring is done in the real mix of all instruments

Mastering you do to lift the whole track up in volume and brightness or even base
But to master well you first need a good mix incl base
Cos if you lift the base on the mastering then many other sounds get that base eq on em
While only the base needs that punch in the gut

Jon Laprevote - Shades 2010

Simular to the other track
Good production again but again a bit boring to my ears
Again a mater of taste i bet cos structural this one sounds ok too
So i think most listeners will like this one too
But for my taste it again feels like a ship that stays in the harbor
The song does not send me on a journey but stays on the same feel

I find it more interesting if at some part in the song i hear a different feel
In these songs the feeling stays the same throughout the whole song
No problem cos dj can mix in other songs to make the song more exciting
So dj's might even like these songs more the way they are right now
Cos they are perfect dj tools as mix in material

I just like it more melodious
Nice songs anyway , good clear sound

You said ,it sounds a lot different from what you hear at home on soundcloud [your pc speakers]
Then i suggest to buy a good honest headphones
I had the same problem
Have a fat powered speaker here that gives a lot of body added to the original sound
So if i mix on my speakers then my mix sounds perfect
But on another PA it sounds different cos those speakers might not be as strong

With a good headphones the sound does not get made better
So then you hear the pure sound without extra amplifier boost on it
Made making good mixes a lot easier for me now that i own a pro headphones
My base was too loud cos my speakers can handle a lot more before distorting than pc speakers can handle hahaha

http://www.myspace.com/passiepassion [progressive]
http://www.myspace.com/dreamdynamics [Dream-Psy Trance]
http://www.freewebs.com/websoundtutors/index.htm [Free Musical Tutors]
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PostPosted: 14 September 2010 - 22:28:43 (978)  Reply with quote
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I like these two songs. Very good melodies, specially in the breaks. I think both songs need a bit more base though. Even if it is not mastered it should have a bit more in the lower freq I think. Otherwise very good work.

it is me, myself and I...
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