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Software recommendation
PostPosted: 08 March 2010 - 19:28:20 (853)  Reply with quote
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The best reverb i have heard so far is called Altiverb.

I use it all the time and it's simply amazing! It's expensive but i find it defintely worth the money! I have yet to hear a better one! It uses real envoriments and has really nice editing options.


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PostPosted: 08 March 2010 - 19:54:54 (871)  Reply with quote
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As far as software goes I'm all about Logic 8. I know that they have Logic 9 now, but the update still hasn't come out in Chile blushing The updates in Logic 9 though are mostly geared to remixing and sampling, two things I hardly ever do...

I see Ableton has gotten a huge amount of support, but I have to say that I could never get comfortable with it. I had Live 6 on my old computer and I fiddled with it, but it turned out just to be a waste, as I simply couldn't get used to it. It was like sitting in a new chair and not being able to find your butt groove lol
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RichardClairemont Adios amigos
PostPosted: 21 March 2010 - 00:43:27 (071)  Reply with quote
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I use Steinberg Cubase 5 (x64) controlled by a Roland FP-7 that I use as a master keyboard. The Master Keyboard is actually a stage piano but I wanted 88 hammer action keys and I really enjoy the feel of that keyboard. I don't need any fancy knobs or sliders really because once I record the piece I do all the tweaking in Cubase.

For my trance music I use reFX VST Instruments alot like Nexus2 (with a bunch of expansions) and Van Guard (also with a bunch of expansions).


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PostPosted: 12 April 2010 - 12:37:40 (567)  Reply with quote
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Listen man, Its all about what you are comfortable with. Either FL, Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, most of them are kinda the same except bits here and there. We are using FL9 now just getting familiar with all the elements. We are still new to production and are familiar with alot of the terminology in the programs. Once we get used to it, we will switch to Ableton. A huge amount of people say its great. It all comes down to what you are used to man.
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PostPosted: 18 April 2010 - 16:43:11 (738)  Reply with quote
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aku&ghazaly wrote:
Listen man, Its all about what you are comfortable with. Either FL, Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, most of them are kinda the same except bits here and there. We are using FL9 now just getting familiar with all the elements. We are still new to production and are familiar with alot of the terminology in the programs. Once we get used to it, we will switch to Ableton. A huge amount of people say its great. It all comes down to what you are used to man.

Confusing. First you say, any sequencer is good, then you saying you will be switching to Ableton because of the great opinions it gets? Are you learning FL to use Ableton someday? Why would you pay ~ 170€ for one program, when you gonna switch to some other sequencer which will again cost you like ~ 400€? Why would you give such a great advise that any sequencer is good as long as you know how to use it and then make such a disputing statement in the next sentence?

I mean I get that while switching to another sequencer with more experience, like I did from Reason to Cubase + VSTs, but I dont get why you would already know you gonna use Ableton, especially at this early stage of your attempts in music production. When I started with Reason, I was happy with it, never knew how far it would take me and that I would be using Cubase someday.

Or is this the progression of so many ppl producing these days and having any software just one click away? shy

Here are some recommendations I can make...

Cubase Essential 5 | EnergyXT | FL | Reaper - these are the best DAWs I can think for a beginner. The prices of these vary from 45€ for Reaper to around 160€ for the Producer Edition of FL. On the other site, there is always Reason, but somehow I found it a bit overpriced for a closed all-in-one-solution and it really dont fits in my term of value-for-money. If you get one of the DAWs above + an CM issue + some freebies, you will have better tools, better mixing environment and real audio channels. I never was satisfied with "drawing" a note and work around with the samplers in it.

Like said, get an issue of Computer Music Magazine, which will give you the CM Studio Plugins - a collection of 40-50 plugins, which are exclusivly made for the CM mag. You get A LOT for the price of a mag. I needed to find a online shop that imports it here in my country and for 12€ I was getting the best value-for-money deal that its possibly out there. Some highlights I can think of are the ZebraCM (a lite version and a mix of Zebra 1 and 2) and the GenesisCM made by Ummet Ozcan. Both brilliant for any kind of subtractiv sound. On top of that you get WusikCM which is a great wavetable | vector synth | rompler workstation. You will find a lot on there, compressors, eqs, reverbs etc. http://www.computermusic.co.uk/

Variety of Sound plugins are the best freeware plugins I can think of. epicVerb is just ace. On the line you have a nice buss compressor (DensityMkII), eq (BootEQMkII), tape-saturation (FerricTDS; winner of KVR developer challenge 2009) and other nice tools for processing and shaping. Very subtle, nice coloring and highly recommend.http://varietyofsound.wordpress.com/downloads/

EDIT: Another great deal gonna be the Rob Papen Blue LE Version which I just ordered today. For a price of 59€, exclusively at musicstore.de. For sure some limitations. It got like over 1000 presets, so it also got the bank from the big Blue, but it wont load presets made with the big Blue. 8 voices polyphony instead of 16 voices.
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PostPosted: 22 August 2010 - 06:23:38 (308)  Reply with quote
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I suggest the following based on Trance Production:

1. Sylenth. It's great for all around analog emulations. It's great to program sounds on, and the filters are some of the best you'll find on a VST.

2. Camel Audio Alchemy. You can make just about any off the wall sound you can think of. This synth will inspire you.

3. Omnisphere, and NI's Absynth are great for Pads, and some of the random stuff but to me are secondary to any analog emu you choose. If you get alchemy, you won't use these quite so much. I prefer Omnisphere of the two, but Absynth is pretty wicked.

3. My quick and dirty alternatives to Sylenth are Waldorf and Surge. They kind of tie for me and are great to program sounds quickly that sound great. To me they're somewhat interchangeable. I'd say check out the demos, but some hate the Surge GUI until they realize everything is right there in front of you.

4. I've only demoed the U-he products ACE and Zebra, but if you're not afraid of diving in a learning a little tougher platform for sound design, they're both very refined products that can achieve great output.

5. Gladiator is cool, but it is kind of digital and not the best to program on IMO. I rate it with NI's Massive, which are both solid and create crazy FM and analog like sounds, but using them is a chore to me.

Obviously start with your DAW's on board, but these are FX I thought were worth their price...

1. Camel Audio Camel Phat. Distortion and compressor sound kind of whack, but in the best possible way. Very creative product, and I use it in non-trance tunes too. Great for house and hiphop.

2. Cytomic The Glue. I don't like Waves, so to me this is the best SL Like Compressor out there. Waves API sounds great if you have money, but I won't buy it.

3. Redline Reverb. IMO simply the best reverb beside Lexicon's Native reverb which is too expensive.

4. Sonalksis Creative Elements. These are awesome in any type of music, but lend themselves to Electronic music very well. TBK3 is a classic for house music.

5. SugarBytes Wow and Artillery are both really cool for adding that extra polish on electronic tracks.

The Rest

1. Cantanya - best arpeggiator I've ever used, great for all music styles.
2. Kontakt - best sampler I've ever used.
3. Improvisator - Really cool for thinking out chord progressions. You press the chord on a grid and you can lay out some intricate stuff quickly.
4. Ableton Live 8 - My DAW of choice.

If anyone has questions about any of the software above I'll try to answer questions. I'm not an expert, but this is stuff I use and highly recommend after trying lots of stuff out there. My advice is don't get sucked into the "what's the best" because honestly I could cut my list down significantly and be happy. Focus on music and production style, and less on products and hype.
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PostPosted: 31 August 2010 - 22:09:21 (964)  Reply with quote
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I use Nuendo and Reason4

I have always used cubase or nuendo for sequencing because i find it so easy to layout a track with parts which are so easily manipulated and the overwiev of the song/arrangement is just perfect.

Then Reason for sounds. I think it has what i need and working with it so many years my workflow has become pretty fast which means that i dont have to waste tons of time trying to figure out how stuff works and so on. It also never crashes and use very little cpu so i can basicly add extreme amounts of instruments and effects without it even coming close to maxing out the cpu.

i also happen to think that the subtractor is extremely versatile in terms of creating sounds for mostly all purposes.

And by using Nuendo i still have the option to use some vsti s and also master with relevant plugins.

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PostPosted: 17 September 2010 - 00:08:21 (047)  Reply with quote
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I've recently switched from Ableton to Reaper, and now I can't go back lol
I'm still using Live for loops, its sampler and generally all kind of loop manipulation, but Reaper is so damn sweet!

Here's how you become a great artist. First, you get miserable...
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