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What is the best mix ? To Mods-Admin Can be removed !
PostPosted: 30 August 2010 - 12:13:11 (550)  Reply with quote
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I deleted the songs of the topic
Due to lack of interest and cos i decided which one to pick
Topic could be removed cos it lost the subjects
Was a test to see if we could discuss mixes here as well
Not every idea works but i just had to try
I can't delete else i'd done it worshipping
Cos without the songs the topic loses its value-Subject

I made some new mixes from one of my old songs.
With the audio tracks from my backup ,so no VSTi use.
Made editing a lil harder since i don't want to change the complete song.
Just gave it a bit more stereo and changed some sound volumes.
Will buy myself some better headphones soon cos my current sux.

Which mix do you like most ? , And Why ?
All are wav

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PostPosted: 31 August 2010 - 16:15:56 (719)  Reply with quote
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My own analysis

Paradize Plannet edit ,,,,,,,[ old version from 2001 ORIGINAL ]
Sounds loud but has too much base
Will probably distort when playing at portable radio's

PP EDIT 2010 ,,,,,,,[ Different kick 1 ]
Kick is to light when compared with original
Song sounds to body less compared with original

PP EDIT 2010 Wool .....[ Different kick 2 ]
Getting towards the original again with a suiting kick
Gets the original feel back , but missing it's drive

PP EDIT 2010 Wool2XP ,,,,,[ Kick 2 with Expander ]
Lil less kick than Wool 1 and expanded like original
But still with the stereo imaging on the sounds
That stereo imaging sounds nice on headphones
But does not really give the song extra value
And it made it lose it's drive

PP EDIT 2010 Back To Basics [With Expander]

SO back to basics will be my choice
Lead sequence gets more volume to hear it clearer in the mix
After alll thats the leading part of the song that gives the drive
And in the other mixes the lead was too much in the back of the mix
Which made the song lose it's drive
So this will be the best mix imo worshipping

I got 4 versions of this song
So not like these 4 mixes but different mixes with other melodies
All versions have that same lead but different melodies around it
By this test i found that i must mix the lead sequence on top of the mix
It plays at every point in the song and is the leading factor
So must have most presence in the mix to preserve its drive

For some the original was already good enough
Cos it's actually on my release as the original mix
And the A&R person from Byte records wanted to release this one too
He picked 20 of my songs to release
But the Belgian boss did not want to invest at that time
So it did not get released back in 2001 but got on net release in 2008

I will re mix the Back to Basics version
Cos i really mixed that one in 10 minutes
Spend 10 hours or so on the crap mixes and stereo imaging
But listened to them after all the work
And came to the conclusion that the original had much more drive

So i quickly mixed it more like the original sound
And uploaded that version cos imo the original was best of the 4 mixes

I saw quite some views yet no replies
So i figure this was too hard to chose the differences
So i made my own review with motivations
Perhaps that gives an idea to help the next person who comes with such a question

I'll leave these mixes on some days for the interested readers
Then i'll remove these video's again
Cos their all wav and i don't normally put wav on youtube
Next week or so i'll up all versions with my next album
Which will contain various mixes of 2 songs

Greets PassiePassion

http://www.myspace.com/passiepassion [progressive]
http://www.myspace.com/dreamdynamics [Dream-Psy Trance]
http://www.freewebs.com/websoundtutors/index.htm [Free Musical Tutors]
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