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The Work In Progress thread
PostPosted: 06 October 2010 - 08:33:48 (398)  Reply with quote
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dilzaaa wrote:

I was just afraid the tambourine would be too bright at 15 kHz, but it's alright. I'm just not liking the master compression you've applied at all.

dilzaaa wrote:
What kind of processing can result in 'warmer' and 'fatter' sounds? Although I suppose I should be asking what constitutes a 'warm' and 'fat' sound. If you presented me with two timbres, one 'cold' and 'thin', and the other 'warm' and 'fat', I'm pretty sure I'd be able to tell which was which, but I'm not sure I could tell you why I think that. Does that make sense?

Certain (usually more expensive) plug-ins have a sound that adds warmth in the form of harmonic distortion and other analogue anomalies, whereas cheaper (which also requires less processing) effects can add phase distortion and other digital artefacts into the sound which can give it a colder sound. That's why there are so many analogue-modeled effects out there these days, especially with DSP cards like the UAD-2 and PowerCore. Just give them a try and see what they can add to your sound.

Don't limit or compress your mixdown until mastering; leave the master channel alone.
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