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A couple of things........
PostPosted: 21 November 2001 - 15:30:00 (687)  Reply with quote
T.nu Staff

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Is it just me... If a topic goes of the mainpage it becomes unread... Some topic's have managed to survive, but alot of topics just dies when they drop out of that 10 newest topics list. If so.. Have a look to the left and check out that link called "Forum" and there you can go and see the older topics. The reason why I took this up is because I see alot of topics with the same questions. (maybe I have done it to:smile:)

To the admins: That's why we reeeeeally need a forum search engine. As said in earlier posts by many. And one other thing. If you post things in the trance.nu suggestionfolder,, shouldnt it be answered by someone of you? Or else that folder is very useless.. wink

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beman working..
PostPosted: 21 November 2001 - 15:49:00 (700)  Reply with quote
T.nu Staff

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Nick: You are absolutley right! A Search-funtion for the forum would be very nice (it's needed), and I actually think that it will be added later on, but unfortunealtey I'm not too sure about this...

And yes, it would be a good thing if the admins who can answer the people's question here in the suggestion forum also replied to all the topics...I must admit that I know pretty little about how often admins answer the topics, but to me it sees like they do it most of the time...But it can always get better I guess he he..

Anyway, since I don't know too much about either one of your questions, I think it's up to the head-admins to give you further information wink

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