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How do you organize your tracks?
PostPosted: 06 October 2010 - 21:19:38 (930)  Reply with quote
T.nu Member

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I do all my cds in order by key. I label the cd what key its in and put only that key on it. Then I have a playlist that I print out and spread out in front of me. Its pretty easy that way if you keep up with it. I put usually 8 tracks or so on each cd although I think Jezper pointed out in a previous topic about this that its probably best to burn 4-5 songs because the egdes of cds get smudged the most. Its up to you tho, I keep all my cds clean.

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PostPosted: 07 October 2010 - 13:57:22 (623)  Reply with quote
T.nu Member

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I usually burn about 8 tracks to a cd.

In no particualr order.

Once you play a cd a few times you get to know where tracks are in your wallet!

I only put on Artist / titile and then name of mix on label.

BPM's and keys arent relevant for me on the label info.
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