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Produced this on a 5 hour flight with ear phones :)
PostPosted: 05 October 2010 - 20:59:13 (916)  Reply with quote
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Picture the seen of a lad bobbing his head on a jet2 flight with ableton open on his laptop.

Please leave feedback. it's only a short demo, not sure where to go with it . . .
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michaelhaber www.myspace.com/521810066
PostPosted: 05 October 2010 - 21:28:25 (936)  Reply with quote
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uhh, there's not really much to see. Its just a beat with some sounds really.

I would say I don't like that bass, it sounds like old Klubbheads, lol. cheers

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Voci thnx t.nu for all cool people I got to know :)
PostPosted: 05 October 2010 - 23:10:06 (007)  Reply with quote
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Yeah, it's kinda not a lot. Just some random idea, you might be able to work on.. I'd try to do something with it, before posting it on the forum - to show us what your idea for this track is.
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PostPosted: 05 October 2010 - 23:43:41 (030)  Reply with quote
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i'm I deaf to left ear? because right channel is more louder for me

#actuallyitisashit left

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PostPosted: 05 October 2010 - 23:50:39 (035)  Reply with quote
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not even trance.
sorry but its just boring and basic. very dull. get some inspiration in there! happy

itmb to produce plz help me happy
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PostPosted: 06 October 2010 - 00:40:31 (069)  Reply with quote
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0 ; 41 I'd stop the kick 1 hit
To work up to the lil break

1;50 a lil kick stop again to fall into the seq buildup
I would do it at 1;36 and change seq there
feels asif 1 50 is a lil late for that change

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