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Best RAM for high-end DAW
PostPosted: 02 October 2010 - 06:50:28 (326)  Reply with quote
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I know this isn't a computer tech forum, but I figured some might have some insight into what would make a good DAW.

I'm building a new high-end system currently with the following:

Cooler Master COSMOS 1000
Asus P6X58D Premium
Intel Core i7 950

I'm stuck between choosing between two RAM modules:

OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 Intel« i7 Triple Channel Rev.2
Corsair CMX6GX3M3C1600C7

Both are triple channel 6 GB kits. They are the only good 1600 MHz kits available in New Zealand so I'm limited to these two (I'm also fixed on this frequency). The Corsair is approximately $75 USD more expensive, the only difference being that it runs at latencies of 7-8-7-20, whereas the OCZ is 8-8-8-24. Is it really worth paying the extra money?

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PostPosted: 02 October 2010 - 12:13:52 (551)  Reply with quote
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I am talking like Runes of Magic, Guild war trilogy, Dawn of War 40k etc..

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PostPosted: 02 October 2010 - 12:37:23 (567)  Reply with quote
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no, its not worth it. also check to see if its compatible with your mobo.

itmb to produce plz help me happy
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PostPosted: 02 October 2010 - 12:45:09 (573)  Reply with quote
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Seriously, RAM timings are one huge markting hoax lol Okay, they're real, and the do affect the performance, but that's maybe 5% more performance in synthetic benchmarks. Totally not worth to pay for that cheers

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PostPosted: 02 October 2010 - 12:58:44 (582)  Reply with quote
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Corsair & OCZ are both very reputable makes so as far as quality goes I think you'll be just fine. But is it worth the extra money? No, I completely agree with the other guys sentiments here.

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