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Angel-Hardware Album-PassiePassion Feedback welcome
PostPosted: 12 September 2010 - 23:19:34 (013)  Reply with quote
T.nu Member

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Since playlists are not working as embed on the forum
I'll link every vid-song of the playlist for easy listening
And i'll provide the link to the play list as well for those who like that more

I created these songs mostly using my hardware synths.
Some songs don't even have 1 loop used.

I made a serious mistake when i made a backup for these songs.
To backup i record every sound-track as 8 bar.
Or with leads as a whole song lenght audio track per sound.
That way i don't need the VSTi or in this case hardware to playback.
But i recorded all rev and echo on the audio tracks.
And various String,base melodies layered on top of each other on 1 track.
While i should have recoreded every melody on its own.
Not 1 track for every sound , dumb mistake made 8-10 years ago
So i can't eq it in the best way now
Thus DON'T record your single sound audio trax incl effects !!

I had a hell of a time to create a decent mix of the audio for some songs.
I still own the hardware never will sell any of my hardware.
Just did not want to re connect my hardware analog stuff.
So worked with what i had to at least get the songs up.
Who knows i might get bored one day and re record the audio.
Haven't turned on my hardware for years cos VSTi is just so much easier to edit.

Imo there are some nice songs among these
All are without Ozone and Logic expander use
On most songs i'll even leave compression from the main out
Cos i think i recorded the wav incl all that already.
So using compression will overdo it way too much since all verb comes up too then.

Just bought myself a new headphones AKG K 271 MK !!
So i'll be giving some more attention to sound from now on.
Still wont up HQ on youtube
But i wont mess the soundquality up too much with expander and ozone from now on.
I'll do untouched 160 mp3 now.
Can't make the quality too good on youtube
Cos then no label will ever want to release it as it was already up for free.

The hardware that i own
Roland MC303 [Sound Module Groove Box]
Roland MC505 [Sound Module Groove Box]
Roland D50 [My first bought Synth , one of if not the first digital synth so has lots of analog feel still]
Yamaha CS2X [My keyboard cos d50 keys are not al working anymore]
EMU Esi 4000 [Sampler never used since Logic EXS-24 does all sampling now]
Yamaha Pro Mix 01 [not in use atm in the box Digital mixer with automation]
Yamaha MX 12/4 [Catching dust as well Extra mixer for my synth outputs]
Gemini PS-626 PRO [Small dj mixer but the one i use now since i do mixing inside logic]
M-Audio Delta 1010LT [Soundcard] 10 inputs to directly connect synth outputs to card.
And 10 outputs to link back to the digital mixer
But i do all from 1 output atm which gemini gets to hear the sound
EMAGIC Logic 5.5.1 PC [Love of my life Best sequencer i ever used Pity MAC bought it
Still hate them for taking the best sequencer away from the pc platform.
But all new plugins still function within Logic
ATARI 1040ST incl Cubase [Still own my first putter as well hihi]

TIP for Logic PC users
VSTi not working in old logic ?
CHAINER VSTi can chain it to work
Gladiator does not work as normal logic VSTi
But if you load Chainer VSTi in logic and load Gladiator in it then you can use it like any other instrument

Probably used to record the audio back then
Yamaha O2R
DP4 Effects unit
TC Electronics Finaliser
Lexicon mpx-100
Audiowerk-8 [Mac G3] Sucked even my old Terratec Ews Had beter sound on my p1 pc
We husled in a Pulsar but the studio went away before we could make use of it
Internet grew big and software got beter so there was no more need for studio's
Lots of IT Album releases were made in the studio though
And Ace Records used the studio for a while too
G-Spot Methew Decay was bought away from us by Ala bianca as they had more cash
Many old club music producers used these machines
So i was honored to be able to learn on the gear even though it's all old stuff now
Just a bummer that i joined when it was already on the way down
But the former owner of the Syndicate Of Sounds studio is still my best friend
And i still see her plus she is in some of my songs as B+
To ad a lil history for those who might know the old Amsterdam club scene

Link to full 12 track play list of online album 5

PROPER embed of play list with all songs in 1 embed, Left wall 1st embed

Youtube link

45] Mc505 with only 1 drum loop used

Youtube link

46] MC505 only ,long intro

Youtube link

47] MC505 and some free Armin drumloops from an old FM magazine cd

Youtube link

48] MC505 only

Youtube link

49] MC505 and some free Armin drumloops from an old FM magazine cd

Youtube link

50] MC505 ,JP 8000

Youtube link

51 = 1-4] Yamaha CS2X ,JP 8000

Youtube link

52 = 2-4] Yamaha CS2X ,JP 8000

Youtube link

53 = 3-4] Yamaha CS2X ,JP 8000

Youtube link

54 = 4-4] Yamaha CS2X ,JP 8000

Youtube link

55] MC505 only

Youtube link

56] Korg Trinity Only

http://www.myspace.com/passiepassion [progressive]
http://www.myspace.com/dreamdynamics [Dream-Psy Trance]
http://www.freewebs.com/websoundtutors/index.htm [Free Musical Tutors]
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PostPosted: 23 September 2010 - 20:16:49 (886)  Reply with quote
T.nu Member

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good production at some points, however to be honest, its not really my cup of tea.

then again, thats just personal taste cheers

a sequencer is just like a dick..size offit doenst matter..what matters is how you use it
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jetflag is behind you
PostPosted: 23 September 2010 - 21:49:04 (950)  Reply with quote
T.nu Member

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Seriously, can't you upload one file and write one paragraph? I don't have the patience to read all that...

Don't limit or compress your mixdown until mastering; leave the master channel alone.
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Atlantis_AR is building a new DAW.
PostPosted: 25 September 2010 - 11:39:15 (527)  Reply with quote
T.nu Member

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@ jetlag thanks

I have loads of songs [many of these are from 2000 so ancient productions]
So i make album topics and create CLASSIC House-Trance
Didn't change any sounds to new vsti as i wanted this album old style
Just how i made it 10 years ago

So sure not a style all are into but older house dudes like me like it this way
Thats why i put 11 songs in 1 topic
Else there would be dozens of topics with only my music here
And i don't think the other readers will like that

@ Atlantis AR

I add the info to try and suit this section of the forum
Thats why i add all that info
Imo the info makes it more interesting to read
But i come from different forums where they actually like to go in detail
Seeing there are not many here who reply on it
I'll try to add less info

I'm used to other musicians commenting back like
Yeah i got the MC505 too
How did you do that at 1;35 with the 505

And imo it's ART if a musician can create a full song using only 1 instrument
That shows creativity , working with what you got
So thats why i added info about what hardware was used to create those songs

But ok the mastering topic will be my last here incl info
I'll find another place to go in detail about music
And will just post album topics here to avoid text here
Pitty cos imho talking about music is most interesting at these forums
Now folks say they don't like certain things but rarely tell a reason
I like to say why i like to change things to make readers understand the most important thing
And that to me is the reason why things are changed

If you only hear change that or this but don't hear why
Than nothing is learned and the same mistake will be made in the next song

So imo we need a lot of text at these production questions
But ok i seem to teach and learn a different way then the musicians here wink

http://www.myspace.com/passiepassion [progressive]
http://www.myspace.com/dreamdynamics [Dream-Psy Trance]
http://www.freewebs.com/websoundtutors/index.htm [Free Musical Tutors]
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