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How the pros mix with ableton live?
PostPosted: 29 November 2009 - 00:28:06 (061)  Reply with quote
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I already know how to mix with ableton, but just at a basic level (change tempo, warp, mix tracks, maybe add some loops) and I really need to see how a real hot mix is done (say James Zabiela for example).
Turning the eq knobs and choose the right tracks is not enough to get an "high quality" mix, atleast for me, I need more creativity, that's why I 've choosen ableton live over the standard turntables and cdjs (I know it's possibile to get an excellent mix with turntables too but with ableton you don't need to do "waste" time on beatmatching etc)

I mean, how to cut tracks, use loops, use effects in the right way (maybe a chain of effects) and other things?
Any serious tutorial/guide/ableton file around?
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PostPosted: 19 September 2010 - 23:49:33 (034)  Reply with quote
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Try searching for Tom Cosmo he does some great vids mostly aimed at production but it gives a good insight into it.

I've never understood this bollocks that beatmatching "wastes time", it takes a few seconds & is a fundamental skill.

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