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EDM Soundset III for Novation V-Station synth (256 presets)
PostPosted: 11 August 2010 - 12:17:58 (554)  Reply with quote
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Just wanted to introduce my latest soundbank for my favourite synth - Novation V-Station.

There are 256 patches available - mostly synth/lead presets (about 130-140 presets), warm trance / progressive house plucks (about 40-50 presets) and the rest is filled with basses and pads.

Genre ? Soundbank is suited for Electronic Dance Music genres but mostly for Trance, House (Tech, Progressive, Electro), Techno, Dance and overall Electronica.

Soundbank is available both in FXB format and MID format (V-Station's native format so it's compatible ie. with MAC).

Audio Demos:
Synths/plucks patch demos.

Short (very short wink ) basses presets demos (drums are not V-Station)

One V-Station instance used per preset - which means no layering, no effects, no mastering. Just V-Station plugged on one Ableton's channel.

More info:

It's "donate what you like" but the minimum is set to 12 $. Please allow up to 24h for soundset to be sent. Usually it's 1-3 hours but I'm doing this manually so sometimes it may take longer.

Hope you'll like it happy The previous version (EDM II) had 112 presets, and overall it took me nine months to create other presets. Of course it wasn't day by day wink. It's just creating presets is my hobby and this soundset is a result of my hobby - it could be easily freeware (I have another job wink ) but I just decided to at least pay some hosting, domain bills for my blogs (http://www.designasound.com / http://www.vstcafe.com) from potential soundset donations.

ps. There are some recreations of famous tunes but mostly I tried to create pretty unique sounds. Ahh, almost forgot there's 30 presets free soundbank available too...

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PostPosted: 14 August 2010 - 20:47:29 (907)  Reply with quote
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Another demo, this time hmm it's a real world example so there's compression, layering, EQ'ing etc.


What you hear:
- Bass - V-Station EDM Soundset
- Sidechained Subbas - V-Station EDM Soundset
- Main melody - 3-4 V-Station EDM Soundset instances (plucks)
- Background synth - V-Station EDM Soundset
- Drums - not V-station
- almost unnoticeable Piano compressed with main melody (truepianos - couldn't resist, already had it in my project and it's my latest toy wink )
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