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What do you use for verb, dly, phaser,...
PostPosted: 06 August 2010 - 17:41:52 (779)  Reply with quote
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I'm wondering which plugins for reverb and delay are commonly used in trance. I only have a few that i use for my rock music production, and those are usually too "real" to use in trance.
I also wouldn't mind some phaser and chorus plugins, but that's not THAT important at the moment.
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PostPosted: 06 August 2010 - 19:04:59 (836)  Reply with quote
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try plugins which are included in your daw

reverbs: artacoustic, Wizooverb,
delay: ohmboys, or fabfilter delay, dubdelay dubstation, tal2 delay, something like that or daw's included
phaser: from soundtoys i think, melda freeware http://www.meldaproduction.com/plugins/index.php?keyword=free really nice sometimes

waves plugins as always ..

anyway you can use everything you like and think that sounds nice, because there a lot of plugins from that list are taken from FUTURE MUSIC MAGAZINE videos which i saw during this year

"Cymbal crashes … way of the past, forget’em guys… it’s all about gated white noise swooshes" - Arnej

"Ohhh yeah, breakdown … at 3 minutes and 10 seconds" - Arnej
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PostPosted: 11 August 2010 - 22:27:18 (977)  Reply with quote
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Reverb: TC M30 free, epicVerb, MVerb, Ambience
Delay: ReaDelay, Kjaerhus Classic Delay, Bionic Delay
Modulator: CloneEnsemble BassChorus, CloneEnsemble BassPhaser, Tal-Flanger

Say What Again!
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redsun contains R1a1
PostPosted: 11 August 2010 - 23:07:37 (005)  Reply with quote
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Thank you both! happy
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