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External Soundcard
Tom Kramer
PostPosted: 30 July 2010 - 22:49:41 (992)  Reply with quote
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So I'm going to buy a really powerful desktop soon, but I want to keep my old PCI soundcard within my old Dual Core computer so I was thinking of buying an external soundcard for my new computer since I'm also goying to buy a cheap laptop too so I don't want a PCI card since I want to use the external soundcard on two computers (I assume that works..?)
I have never had an external soundcard, only PCI cards so I was hoping I could get some help here.

Ok, I don't need too many inputs, but I need MIDI since I have some hardware I'd like to use once in a while. I want to have an easy headphones connection on the external soundcard and low latency of course.
Can anybody recommend a not too expensive soundcard, hopefully USB 2.0 soundcard that can handle 16-20 VST channels running in MIDI with VST effects in real time.
I expect my new computers Quad Core processor and 6-12 GB RAM will handle 16-20 VST channels running in Cubase with some VST effects on them? What external soundcard do I need? I don't want to spend too much money on the soundcard, but it would be worse to find out that the soundcard can't keep up with the rest of the system you know..
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PostPosted: 02 August 2010 - 20:46:08 (907)  Reply with quote
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The past 2 weeks I been hunting down soundcards and new monitors. I picked up some Adam A7's. After much shopping around I thought that the Maudio Profire 610 was the best bang for my buck. Coming in at only $350.00 brand new off ebay. If your up for used equipment, it gets as low as $150.00. Excellent sound coming out of it. 24bit/192khz.


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Tom Kramer
PostPosted: 07 August 2010 - 15:52:25 (703)  Reply with quote
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Thanks man, it looks great!
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