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Keying tracks - do programs ever mess up?
PostPosted: 16 June 2010 - 01:29:58 (104)  Reply with quote
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Hey guys, I'm having issues with keying tracks.

Here's the thing. I use a program called Rapid Evolution that does key analysis for me, and sometimes it disagrees with me. Even wildly, on occasion, but mostly just by one or two notes. Should I be trusting the program over myself? (tl;dr the rest of this post if you want)

Sometimes I'll be keying a track, and be pretty sure I've got it. My process goes like this:

1. Play the track for a minute at least, so my ears adjust to the new key and aren't thinking about the previous one.
2. Play different notes on a vst keyboard until I find one that sounds harmonious, and work out a scale from there, usually by going up one or two steps at a time until I work out the pattern.
3. Once I've got the notes worked out as best I can, I put them into FL studio and look what key it makes, then I play chords that should work in the scale, starting with the major or minor chord that works from the root. Sometimes if the chords that should work don't sound harmonious with the song, it alerts me to a mistake.
4. Change any of the notes I had written down that don't sound harmonious.
5. Maybe go and do a different song in a different key to give my ears a break, and come back to this later to make a final decision on the key.

For instance RE claims Tritonal - Utopia (Arty Remix) is in G minor, but I'm pretty sure it's F major. Am I bad at keying, or is it the software? I don't know who to trust.
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PostPosted: 16 June 2010 - 01:33:43 (106)  Reply with quote
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test it, play a set using RE, then play the same set using your ears and ask people which they think sounds best in key.

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PostPosted: 16 June 2010 - 04:05:28 (212)  Reply with quote
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Well, if you want to train your ears better, I'd recommend David Lucas Burge - Perfect Pitch Ear Training . . seriously - I've been training my ears for about 7 months using that course and I can key a lot of tracks by ear now. I check myself after with the keyboard and/or mixed in key.

Regarding software, mixed in key is excellent, it almost always gets the key correct. Maybe sometimes it keys it to the relative minor/major comparitive to the actual song key, but most of the time it's spot on - I'd highly recommend that as keying software. The software you are using is defo getting it wrong - Tritonal - Utopia (Arty Rmx) is in FMaj as you rightly said happy

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PostPosted: 16 June 2010 - 20:31:02 (896)  Reply with quote
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Rapid Evolution has the best key detection algorithm, so stick with that thumbsup

This website helps me a lot when keying tracks: http://valuesearch.info/chordfind/Default.aspx
Just like you I also play notes when the track is playing and then this site comes in handy, cause I tells me which chord the keys I'm playing are (if I got you right you use FL Studio for that).

And if you come to a different result than RE, just listen to two tracks in the respective keys (of course you must be 100% sure the tracks are keyed correctly^^), and see to which is sounds closer.
So in your case listen to a track where you're sure it's in Gmin and one where you're sure it's in Fmaj and then listen to that Arty Remix and see which it resembles more.

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andYMkIII R.I.P. trance.nu, thanks for everything, I had a great time here :,(
PostPosted: 20 June 2010 - 22:34:18 (982)  Reply with quote
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Thanks for the website Andy, thats neat. And to you other gents as well.
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