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Hardware recommendation
PostPosted: 01 September 2009 - 18:42:01 (820)  Reply with quote
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Oh and another disadvantage is that you can hear the cutoff knob's MIDI steps while you make slow filter sweeps with resonance LOL! But I've seen that also in other more expensive synths happening. uhm_positive On the SH-201 you can avoid it by using for instance the motion sensor as a cutoff modulator. (I train myself a Thereminist with that one and the pitch mod... lol lol lol )

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VanFearson is a sucker for ethereal pads!
PostPosted: 21 December 2009 - 03:57:56 (206)  Reply with quote
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With all due respect to the 8080s out there I just sold mine. It does have that great supersaw sound but it really cant compete with the Virus TI. It's really one of the most versatile synths of our time with all of the supersaw action of the 8080 and then multiply that times at least 100 when it comes to routing and other Osc options.

I am interested in checking out the Jomox Sunsyn though but they haven't made any for a while.

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PostPosted: 24 March 2010 - 18:31:52 (813)  Reply with quote
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Just picked up the Roland SH201 as well. Its a great sounding synth for the money...I grabbed it for $400 here in the U.S.
It works really well with Logic and has many sounds that you can really shape into fatter sounding ones.

Next up is the Virus TI. Demo'd one the other day and the sounds are killer and the functionality in my option - the best!
Looks like the Total Integration feature works well with Logic too!

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PostPosted: 11 May 2010 - 15:32:48 (689)  Reply with quote
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Nord Lead 3 This is an excellent VA synth. It has the best user interface that I have ever seen. This synth is not all looks either. It has a beautiful organic sound that is hard to match with other VAs. The Chord Memory function makes it possible to store a chord and then play it back by only playing a single key. You can also detune this chord stack to create full and fat sounds. The Nord Lead 3 is excellent at creating soft organic leads and strings/pad sounds. It how ever does have a down side in that its not as good as other synths at the hard and dark sounds.

Access Virus TI This is another excellent VA synth. Its excellent at dirty and hard lead sounds. Its good for most sounds but it falls short in making organic and warm string/pad sounds.

Roland JP-8000 A legendary synth in the trance scene. People have already discussed this in detail in previous posts.

These are my favourite synths and they complement each other well. Like any instrument they each have a distinct sound and their own character. The sounds of one cant be full recreated by the other. For example I have all three synths and no matter how hard you try the Roland JP-8000 super saw sound will always sound better than any other synths attempt. Every synth has its strengths and weakness and no synth will be good at everything. In my opinion the Nord Lead 3, Access Virus TI and Roland JP-8000 are the three best synths for making trance sounds.


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