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David Mclean-Subtronic-what do you think of this track?
PostPosted: 10 May 2010 - 21:45:57 (948)  Reply with quote
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Can you please have a listen to this track and let me know what you think?




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PostPosted: 11 May 2010 - 01:14:01 (093)  Reply with quote
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I'm finding this sounding quite cheesy and dated. But underneath it all is a sound that just needs to come out. I wonder what would happen if you transposed everything one semitone down as it just feels rushed and too squealy. You're not filling enough sound in the lower mid range and too much in the upper mid range. Anything pad-like would need to come up in volume and the main synth reduced in the upper mids with EQ.

I'm not too fond of the open hat either, but I wouldn't exactly change it either. Maybe the other hats/shakers just need to come up to mask it a bit. This should also bring up the treble which would be a good thing.

Also that click in the hihat loop at the start needs to be fixed.

I also hear a sub noise running under the kick as if an instrument needs to be high-passed. Same with at 2:06 and various other places.

And that snare roll playing fast really needs to go in my opinion. It's fine at first but I've heard that speeding up sound way too many times.

The synth at 1:24 sounds maybe a little bright in the extreme top end, but I can't tell exactly because of MP3 compression. Maybe try a very subtle low-pass filter.

And the bass synth at 3:41 sounds probably the cheapest of all, and then at 3:55 that squealing pad comes in again, and then the cheap synth at 4:12... And at 5:30 the drop feels like it needs to be bigger after such an intense crash build-up.

But all in all it just needs to be cleaned up a bit. The sound warmed, reverb and delays increased slightly and the lower mids enhanced. It also sounds too compressed which only adds to the smudged-out feel.

Hope that gives you some ideas anyway...

Oh, and I just heard the end and hear that sub noise now. Might pay to high-pass that and maybe add something else that works better under the kick.

Don't limit or compress your mixdown until mastering; leave the master channel alone.
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Atlantis_AR is building a new DAW.
PostPosted: 11 May 2010 - 08:47:48 (408)  Reply with quote
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I really don't like the open high hat, way too dominating, IMO. You could lower the volume but I think the sample itself doesn't fit.

Overall, I'm not hearing too much treble, especially in the lead synths. It sounds very flat and "crunched," this might be related to the fact that that hat is just cutting through everything way too much and leaving nothing for all the other elements

On the good side, I like the melodies, and I like a lot of the lead synths you use, and the bassline is decent enough, although I'd make it more "dynamic," it's a little drone-y to me. Oddly enough, I hear more treble from the bass buzz than I do from the lead synth when it's playing. Sounds like the lead synth is low passed too much.
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