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Advanced Mixing Techniques
PostPosted: 14 October 2009 - 11:38:32 (526)  Reply with quote
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thanks for all the replies and keep them coming...ive come along way with what i can do since i posted. getting to know the tracks inside and out has probably been my saviour. i've since tried my hand at producing and so i listened carefully to tracks i liked and developed an understanding of phrases which has helped my mixes unbelievably. cant underscore that enough to beginning djs. beatmatching, and eqing are all down. now its time to learn to learn how to use harmonic better to increase/decrease emotion and energy in a set.
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PostPosted: 13 November 2009 - 03:19:29 (180)  Reply with quote
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Here's some tricks iv started playing with...

a) cueing a song on offbeats and subsequent beats eg instead of cueing at the start of a 64, il cue it on the second or third beat. This mismatch if kept in time can create some very insteresting sounds when EQing

b) pitch riding - this has helped so much! Riding the temp fader is allowing me to slot my frequencies better when overlapping songs, helping keep it tight and punchy and smooth

c) Being continually in the mix - by recueing at 32 and 64 beat intervals you can create a sense of the music continuously rising or breathing. Also helps for snappy EQ changes

d) Freq Slotting - when i mix try to avoid frequency overlapping between songs eg the highs get changed out in one smooth motion. This is fine tuned by tweaking the mids and if cue'd at the right point do a strong bass change. The sequence order can be changed around to suit. This is highly effective and easy when done in key but can be predictable - using dissonant key changes can liven things up and introduce HUGE changes in the feel of the music. Its also advisable to not jump around different keys too often
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PostPosted: 02 February 2010 - 16:25:38 (726)  Reply with quote
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DJ_Rafnel wrote:

Yes...this will make your mixes sound amazing. Heres an easy cheat sheet.


This Ain't Nothing But Circle Of Fifths

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